Monday, November 10, 2008

Parent Teacher conferences today at school

First off was Abby's 1st grade conference. Abby is struggling with her reading. She gets really frustrated because she wants to learn (at least that's what her teacher says) but it's not connecting well for her. Her writing skills are not that good either, which is connected with reading. Otherwise she's doing good. She follows instructions well, she gets along well with the students and is really good at math.

Next was Catherine's 3rd grade conference. Completely opposite where her teacher said that if all her students were like Catherine then her job would be so easy. Catherine is reading at least a 4th grade reading level. She comprehends what she's reading. She's very creative with her writing, she edits herself well, etc... She's doing good in math, social studies, science, etc... She had all A's & outstanding marks with the exception of 1 B in Social Studies, which Catherine was extremely bummed out about because she wanted all A's.

After that, I meet with the reading specialist for Abby. She says that Abby doesn't have a learning disability but she's not sure what the problem is yet. Abby is getting a lot of attention when it's time to work on reading/writing, she's in the smaller reading groups. They push her really hard and she comes home so tired so I only have about 5 minutes of good reading time with her before she's checked out. When the teacher told me that Abby doesn't cry anymore (frustration levels reach that high apparently) it made me feel so sad for my little girl. I've felt the frustration of her not reading, but I didn't think about how frustrated she is about it too. :(

I'm exhausted after the conferences. :) The PTO prepares lunch and dinner for the staff during the last night I made 2-3 dozen of each cookie variety, White Chocolate Macadamia, Toffee Crunch, Ghiradelli Coconut Pecan Cookies with chocolate drizzled over top. We also have our Book Fair running during this time. I helped set up Sunday night and will help with sales Wednesday night and to pack it all up. I'm still working on the fundraiser, collecting the donations for the Race for Education. Otherwise, I think we're pretty good on PTO stuff this month.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trick or Treat

The girls had a great Halloween. Catherine counted 124 pieces of candy. :) We went with friends as usual and had a great time walking through the neighborhood.

Abby wanted to be a Mommy, so she's sporting a dress, apron, (rain boots, because I wouldn't allow her to use the high heels that she used for her classroom party - it's cold trick or treating in PA, and she didn't want to wear her sneakers. She pushed the baby in the stroller for 2 blocks then we dumped it off at our friend, Jenn's house (her two girls are pictured with my two). She carried the baby for awhile and I carried her trick or treat bag then she'd trade off for the other. So I teased saying that I was a grandmother. I said I should have worn a tiara because it is the one day of the year that I can get away with it! :) Jaime said I could get away with wearing it any day. :)
Catherine wanted to be a crayon after reading Amber Brown is not a crayon. We couldn't find a costume so I made her one. Catherine was cute, she was so proud of me for making it, she told all her teachers that I made it for her. :) While trick or treating she said that she was "Original Pink"...I giggled when I heard that! We were going to write princess pink but the letters I bought didn't allow for that. The hat is even slanted like the crayon tip had been used a little. :) I was so proud of myself too actually for making it, it looked so professional, especially done without a pattern! :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October!!!! Turn Leaves, Turn!

I love changing out my background desktop all the time...I just finished adding photos to the one for my work computer. This desktop was created by Shabby Princess. Pictures are vintage! :) The blue eyed blonde curly headed cutie was me...there's my adorable twin sister beside me with the brown eyes and straight brown hair! Also pictured is our sister Angelia (almost a year older than us), Rebecca's in 3 of them, and Tammy is one. There's a few of us girls when we were younger. :)

I also downloaded the one from Shabby Miss Jenn which I've got to prepare for my laptop here at home.

I need to get some pumpkins and pics of my kids...none yet for this year! :O

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Long time no see...

Sorry... it's been busy, learning how to make time for family, work, pto, etc... Blogging has fallen to the bottom of the priority list. Sorry! Well, at least I didn't miss the entire month of September!

Fall is here, although it's been a very soggy weekend so far. We were supposed to go to an Apple Festival...but we're not taking the kids out in this muddy mess. The girls have yet another birthday party to go to today which we'll do at 2 today.

Catherine and Abby both are Brownies this year with the Girl Scouts. They had their first troop meeting this week. The girls scouts are going to paint the US map on the school playground. We were supposed to do this Sunday but with all the rain it won't be happening this weekend!

Here are pics from Abby's birthday...I told you I'd eventually get them posted! :)

Friday, August 01, 2008

New Job & another {new} Car

So, I just completed my first week of work. It's been great, I really enjoy it and I can't wait until Monday so I can go back! .....That is just wrong, I know it!......I know it will wear off, but for now :D I'm loving it!

I've had to get the girls up at 6:30 for the last two days to get Bobby to work while his Blazer was in the garage for the State Inspection, but as he knew it needed some work...almost $1000 worth though!!!!! So, instead of dumping more money into it...we went last night to look at used cars. Tonight we settled on one, shook hands, and will do all the paperwork tomorrow (already pre-approved with a lender so we're good to go). Wanna know what we bought? I'm so proud of it I can hardly stand it! :) We're the owners of a BMW 325i!!!! Granted, it's pre-owned but I still love it! We're already fighting over who drives the 2008 Mazda 3 vs. the 2002 BMW!

I stayed up last night to submit the pages I got together to take advantage of the Shutterfly 8x8 book. I used a "piece of cake" digital kit because I was in a time crunch to get it submitted by Aug 1st. I did get some great pictures of the girls though. I'll upload pictures...sounds like I have homework! :)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well, so far (all two days) work has been great. I'm really enjoying it. It was funny, yesterday I came home and said to Bobby "I think it's wrong to be so happy to be working again, but I can't stop smiling from ear to ear". I can tell you however, that I'm glad I don't go in until 9:30 (which for me, means that I try to be there 10 to 15 minutes early) because it gives me time in the morning to get ready and spend some time with the girls. I'm still not sleeping well at night, so I'm glad that I get to sleep in until 7 or 7:30.

My goal is to keep the downstairs nice and clean and keep laundry up to date and not get behind (which I'm starting at being behind...but I have goals to be better). Both girls rooms are nice and clean because I helped them get them nice and clean. Abby's room is gorgeous right now (minus the carpet which we didn't get replaced yet) with her new additions of furniture. Catherine's room has always looked cute, but she'll get a redecorated bedroom for her birthday too.

I'd like for us to sell this townhouse or keep it and rent it out, while we buy a new larger house next spring but I'm not sure that that will happen. It may be more like next fall or the following year. I'm hoping that we won't come dependant on my salary and that we can pay off bills, and create a bit of savings. Then my salary could be used to pay this mortgage while we do the house transition if it doesn't sell right away.

Abby's birthday was great! I'll post pictures later when I have more time (they're still on the CF card).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's been busy

Friday - Bought a new suit, Texas Hold'em Game at friends
Saturday - Abby went to her best friends birthday party, Went swimming
Sunday - Relax
Monday - New Haircut, Job Interview
Tuesday - (TODAY) Library Event; Received Job Offer/Accepted
Wednesday - School Library Event, Prepare for PTO Planning/Budget Meeting, Watch Batman movie at the IMAX theater
Thursday - PTO Planning/Budget Meeting
Friday - Prepare for Abby's birthday
Saturday - Abby's birthday party, Cousins house to watch boxing
Sunday - Relax hopefully - clothes shopping
Monday - First day at my new job!

Yes, a new job! I had an interview yesterday, and today I got the call that they would like to hire me. I'm an office professional again! Yeah! :) So now I need to go buy some new clothes.
Of course with me being the PTO President I'll be busy trying to juggle everything. The great thing about this job is that it's part-time, so I'll be able to put the girls on and get them off the bus everyday. Having to work only 5 hours each day will free me up so hopefully the house won't get burried in laundry! :) I'm really excited about this, I'm so happy it came together so well. This was our plan, once both girls were in school I'd go back to work. The job can turn into full time whenever I'd like for it to go that way too. So that's really a bonus! It's a small office, almost everyone has young kids so they understand snow delays, sick kids etc...

Abby's birthday is Angelinia Ballerina. I wanted to do a party somewhere else and just pay for it, but she wanted a home that just means more planning/work for me. Which normally I go all out planning elaborate games and such, but I just haven't done it this time. I wanted to hire someone to teach the kids a small ballet performance but that never came together. I'll figure something out before Saturday!

PTO meeting - I could cop out and just purchase refreshments but I feel like baking I'll go and pick stuff up. It's been awhile since I've made appetizers and desserts.

I ordered these prints from shutterfly (14 page mini album of 5x7 prints using a premade kit by dani which I altered a little), which would entitle me to get a free 8x8 bound book that I have to redem by Aug I've got to make some good pictures and get some scrapbook pages created. I was impressed with their prints, so looks like that's what I'll do from now on. I just never make it into stores to print off pictures, and goodness knows I'd kill my printer! Anyways...I don't see a code for the 8x8 so I'm hoping they have it in their system or something.

I'm happy! :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Well, we took the girls roller skating one afternoon. Catherine tried the roller blades but couldn't handle them, so we had them changed to the quads. Abby is our rough and tumble girl that jumps in her skates (princess over the shoe skates) at home and skates around. So with the "fast" skates and the slippery floor the skating was more challenging. I was really proud of the girls though, they skated for a long time. Abby would skate awhile then go "rest" on the bench. Catherine, bless her heart, never gave up...she skated, she fell, she got back up and skated some more. Bobby skated till his feet hurt. I had a blast. I used to love going to the roller skating rink when I was younger and I had my very own pair of skates...white with hot pink wheels! Our parents would let us skate in the house, we had wood floors, and it we skated around the stairs and fireplace, around the island in the kitchen and in the was great! Once the crowd thinned out (once 2 large groups left) I was in my prime. I skated my heart out. I skated that oval rink like it was only yesterday that I skated. I had forgotten that you could turn the 'corner' several different ways. It was great! The best part was that I didn't fall down and my muscles didn't hurt afterwards. :)

We went to Hershey Park. It was fun. We hit every roller coaster (oops, no we didn't, we missed the comet) including the new Fahrenheit. Catherine was brave and rode 3 roller coasters...the SOOPERDOOPERLOOPER, Trailblazer and the LIGHTNING RACER . She attempted to ride the Wildcat but had to have them unlatch her seat and let her off (Bobby was sitting by her and got off with her...he doesn't like that one much anyways because it jerks you around a lot). It was a lot of fun, we were there from 11am to 10:30 pm we saw fireworks too, because it was July 5th. I tried to scan in the photos we purchased...but I can't get it to work right, I'll have Mr. Computer Wiz look into it for me. :)

Now I'm just working on house stuff and PTO stuff...getting ready for the upcoming school year. I've picked up stuff for Abby's 6th Birthday party. It's an Angelina Ballerina theme, I'm looking into getting someone to teach the girls a few ballerina moves at the party. It should be fun.

I haven't been sleeping good. I'm not sure what's going on, but I seem to dream all night long. I toss and turn and I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in over 2 weeks. I'm exhausted. What's kinda weird is that I dream about my Dad almost every night. I miss knowing that he's not at home holding the table down (he always sat at the head of the dining room table, with his arms propped up). He was never big on talking on the phone a lot. We'd do the same little chit chat, "how are you? what's the weather like? what's going on that's new?" etc... speaking of which I need to give my Mom a call and see how she is doing.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The world goes on...

I've been really strong....but sometimes I catch my breath and I'm shocked that the world is just going on as normal. Nobody really knows what you're going through, do they? Like when you're out and about doing the every day tasks that you have to do because you have a family that depends on you. The people that you run into...correction, the strangers that you meet every day, never know what you are going through.

I have to say that I am truly amazed at my daughter Abby. She was so thoughtful and kind (beyond what I ever thought she could have been) while we were in Kentucky. It was as if she sensed that my Mom, her Nana needed some extra love. Abby continually told her that she loved her, thought that she was so kind/nice/pretty/sweet. It was so endearing to witness that. As it turns out, Abby was the only one that told the gentleman that spoke at my dad's funeral that she appreciated what he said she saw him at the Wake (for lake of the southern term...I'm not sure what we call it....where you go to the church that the person attended and had a wonderful meal and had time to socialize with the people that knew/loved/missed your loved one) Abby in her sweet little 5 year old way said "Thank you for the nice things you said about my Papa". It touched me, and it touched him as well (he was my Dad's best friend growing up as a boy).

(Here are our little nieces and nephews from us 4 younger girls)

It was nice seeing so many people when I went back to Kentucky. Besides seeing my sisters and Mom, I had the chance to catch up with several cousins and different people that I respect from "the meeting" (church) that I went to when I was younger. We spent the last day at the park where we spent so much time when I was younger, Columbus Belmont State Park. It's a Civil War battlefield, filled with many self guided trails, over looking the Mississippi River.

So, this week, I've just emmearsed myself into working on our family tree. When I went home a few months ago I asked my Dad to list the names of all his family that he could remember. From that, I have entered this information into the family tree program with where we have a family site. As I entered information, I found links to where others have already done some research. One family strand goes as far back as 1530! It's amazing! On the otherhand, there are several strands where I've reached brick walls. I need to really learn how to research things..using all the free information available first. I found some information on my own and that was so thrilling!!! I just hope that I find the work that some family members have already created because that would save me so much time and effort.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Dad passed away today.

My Dad slipped into a comma Monday morning and finally stopped breathing Monday night. I'm a numb, I'm in shock even though I knew this was coming, I didn't know how I would react. I've been very strong, but I know I'll break down.

Sunday night we packed our bags getting ready for this, I did this while in the emotional state of knowing that he didn't have much longer.

Tuesday morning we will be driving down towards Mayfield Kentucky for the funeral and family support.

Love to all,

Beloved Husband and Father
Charles Barry Robert
11/25/1928 - 6/16/2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Am I ready?

Am I ready for my Dad to die? No
Am I ready for the 830 mile drive? No
Am I ready for Bobby to come back home? Yes
Am I ready for our cool air to be repaired? Yes
Am I ready for the payment? No

This is where I am tonight. Visiting Sadtown with a pit stop at SmartEllickville.

So today, I bought the girls a slip and slide which they'll play with tomorrow when it's nice and hot outside. I'm sure it will destroy our yard, hopefully we won't have any injuries though! Catherine went swimming at a friends house, and is spending the night at another friends house. Abby kept me company tonight (she got an ice-cream cone). ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Who said spring should be over 100 degrees?

Why am I complaining? Oh, that's right, our cool air unit isn't working, and 5 service repair companies can't come out until next Thursday/Friday!!!!!!!!!

It's been so hot!!!!

I've got a short reprieve though, as thunderstorms were supposed to come rolling in tonight (they didn't appear, but high winds and showers came...just perfect enough to cool things down). The temperature dropped over 20 degrees! (-: I opened every window and cooled the house out. Tonight I actually ran the dishwasher and now I'm quickly doing some laundry.

Bobby's in Florida for the Tech Expo, he said it's cooler there than it is here. He's having a great time. I've been keeping the girls busy with going places with air conditioning :) They played in the Kid Zone while I worked out at the gym, Abby played in the Tree House while Catherine and I did the grocery shopping (they only had room for one child when we got there, at first C was upset that she couldn't play, but I let her do all the scanning and pressing the buttons on the produce scales so she had a great time). Catherine helped select meals and snacks, she said it was fun.

Today we went to the mall where the girls got a new webkinz. I made dinner while the kids played outside (this was when it finally started to cool off....the kids played kickball with other friends). Later we set up their webkinz rooms. Another good day for the top it off, Abby called Daddy so both girls talked to Bobby before they went to bed tonight.

It's 3 AM, time to put the wash into the dryer...okay as soon as this Will & Grace episode ends. I enjoy watching reruns while Bobby's away....Friends, Will & Grace, Sex & the City, Seinfeld etc...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Long Update

Abby woke up Friday morning and announced that by the end of the day she would be a first grader (heart pains for realizing that my baby is growing up).

I went to the local bakery to pick up some cupcakes to give the girls when they got off the bus on the last day of school. I also picked up a couple extra for their teachers, principal and secretary. When I was carrying the pink box (gotta love that) down the hallway to hand one to Catherine's teacher it felt so empty. All the kids artwork and projects were down from the hallways so that they could take them home. It just looked so empty and sad. Both teachers appreciated the cupcake...I told them that they were sweet teachers and deserved a sweet treat and that I hoped they had a great summer. Shh....don't tell the girls, the teachers picked the pink ones!

I also got Abby a basketball (she's been asking for one) and Catherine a new box of Crayola 64 crayons (only the best... I love coloring with fresh new Crayola's). Both girls also got a big sketch pad (so hopefully they'll quit asking to use up all the printer paper!). They had a great year. They both loved their teachers and they had such good teachers too. I just really love their school! They'll miss it, but they're ready for some unstructured days.


Bobby had his 32nd Birthday - Happy Birthday Hun! He went out with the guys after work, something he rarely does but should do more often. The next morning the girls and I gave him his gifts. Catherine and Abby got him the game "Apples to Apples" a game that we love playing, and he's mentioned more than once that he he was pleased. I got him a stainless steel flask. I had it engraved with "Life's journey is long, you better take snacks!" he loved it. Again, something else he wanted for a long time. :) I like it when we do good! :)

(one kid from the team is missing...he missed the last two weeks...Catherine had two of her really good friends Samantha and Shannon on her team, and two other kids from their school which they new and were friends with)

The spring tennis season is over (Rallyball) for Catherine and her team. They placed in the top, and were really excited that they won third place. So now she has a 2nd and a 3rd place ribbon for tennis. Next year since Abby will be a 1st grader she'll get to play. She'll be playing level 1 and Catherine will move up to level 2. Both girls want Bobby and me to we'll see how that goes when the time comes. :)

I got a sunburn over three days...Sunday slight burn on my arms and neck during the last tennis game. Monday my nose and forehead got a slight burn while we were outside with our last book distribution. Tuesday is burned my shoulders and back of my neck during field day. The last day was the worst....I ended up blistering...tiney tiny little blisters clustered all over the tops of my shoulders. Ouch! Yes, I had sunblock was only 35 SPF and I forgot to reapply during field day...that was my mistake, I know. :O It still hurts none the less.


Catherine is off on her Girl Scout Camporee camping trip for the weekend. It feels really odd here without her. I'm sure she's having a great time, I can't wait to hear all about it when she gets back Sunday afternoon.

Abby pulled out all her gear and was roller skating today...this girl has no fear, and is a natural.

Last week week we took the girls to Build-A-Bear to spend their money. Catherine had a gift certificate from her birthday, and they had extra money from us and their Ky Nana sent them each $10 as a thinking of you gift which was so sweet. This was Catherine's first adoption. She choose a really cute bunny with pink ears, it was a hard choice between "Hunny Bunny" and the elephant (we know how much she loves elephants). She picked out cute jammies, bunny slippers, panties, a cap and a glamorous pink dress with a matching purse. She'll have to save up for the shoes to go with the it is she borrowed against her allowance (not that she really gets allowance, it's more like when she is really good and goes above and beyond around the house or with Abby she gets a cash reward).

The day after she got her bunny she came down and exclaimed "Mom, I'm actually playing with my toys!". "Really?" I said. Then she proceeded to tell me about the "drama" (her favorite word I do believe) that was going on upstairs. Something about her elephant loves Hunny Bunny, but she doesn't like him, she likes Phunt, but Phunt likes Ellie...I don't know I'm sure I have that love triangle all confused. I promise I don't let that child watch soap operas!

Abby went into Build-A-Bear with the intentions of getting her first build-a-bear (white and pink bear that she got last year with her birthday money) some more clothes but picked up the white and blue bear and shouted "I found Raspberry Creams brother!". So in the end Raspberry Cream didn't get any new clothes but she has her long lost brother Blueberry Cream. What a happy reunion we had at home....since he's "nekkid" he's borrowing a bathrobe from his sister. Needless to say Abby's been playing with them nonstop (along with her webkinz).

...Let's see what else have we been up to.....

Last night, Jen and I went and watched the Sex and the City: The was so great! I loved it! I laughed. I cried. It was a good movie. I laughed so hard I couldn't breath at one point! Grab a girlfriend (or several) and go watch it! Jen's preggo right now, so we couldn't get a cosmo before/after the movie..but that would have been fun. Even if you didn't watch the series you can still enjoy the movie. I was so excited to go watch this, I've been watching the reruns for the last month! :)

Oh for sad news....because life isn't always peaches n' cream....prayers are welcome!

:( My Dad is still hanging in there, but he's having a really hard time breathing. He's really struggling and having some really tough days.

:( Teresa is still fighting her battle with cancer. She's on her second round of chemo since it spread to her abdominal wall.

:( Our friends Ben & Jeannie moved to Kansas (Military Family) before he has to go Iraq (please keep them in your prayers). We're going to miss them, they were really great friends. Our girls are missing their kids already, they were best of friends. There was a last minute going away party for them, so we got to say goodbye before they left. During memorial day weekend we all got together, so all the kids could see each other one last time too.


Okay, how's that for catching you back up? :) LOL It's going to be a busy summer, but I'll keep you updated with pictures as we go along! :) Stay in touch! Facebook anyone?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

School is almost out for the summer

Wow, less than two weeks to go. Next week, I've got the book distribution on Monday, where every kid gets to pick out a book to keep for free...they'll also be getting their prize from the reading challenge. Tuesday is the Field Day, where the kids have fun games all day. Each grade wears a certain color, Kindergarten has to wear orange, and Second Grade is wearing light blue. Thursday Second grade has their picnic at the park, so Abby and I will go to that, then I'll take Abby to school.

I've got to figure out what to give them for the last day of school. For the last two years I've meet Catherine at the bus stop with a gift. Kindergarten, I think it was flowers and I had a plate of cupcakes for all the kids that got off at her stop. First grade, I gave her a helium balloon and a diary..and I had a plate of cookies for all the kids.

Last week I chaperoned Catherine's Field trip to the American Life Museum at Hershey. I also got the yearbooks distributed. Now I've got to figure out what's going on with a few issues that have come up... *sigh*

Memorial Day Weekend went pretty good. Friday afternoon we went over to a friends house for pizza, the girls jumped on their trampoline and had fun. Saturday afternoon we went to other friends house for a grill out. Saturday night I went out with a girl friend while Bobby watched the kids. Sunday I recovered. Monday kids came over to play with the girls and had an entire day of fun. Catherine started exploring the "forest" behind our house...she thinks she's big stuff now! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is that your natural color?

I can not even begin to tell you how often I hear that! I swear, complete strangers stop me and ask me all the time. Just last weekend we were in the mall, I was walking along and got stopped by a man at a kiosk (Crap, please, I'm not interested in a resort retreat to Hershey...I begin to think as he puts his hand out to stop me from walking away) and says "Excuse me, is that your natural color?"

Why do people they really want to know? Do they want me to say yes, do they want me to lie to them....I mean really?! I told Bobby that the next person that asks me, I'm going to say "If I said No will that ruin your fantasy?" :) LOL I've got the complexion for red hair, I'm very fair skinned, freckled, light eyebrows, etc... I've defiantly got Irish blood, and several cousins with red hair.

I'll also get comments like "Now, that's what a natural red head looks like" and "Wow, your kids didn't get your red hair?" So I guess all in's a complement that it looks natural. It doesn't bother me, it's just funny. It's just amazes me how people are daring enough to ask. I would never think of asking a complete stranger if their hair color was natural. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Somebody has a new bike, and I think she likes it! :)

Now it's just time before those training wheels come off! :) With Abby being so brave and fearless I don't think it will be a long time.

Catherine's bike got a face lift with a fresh new basket, bell, and streamers. The tires will be pressure washed by Bobby and it will look fresh again.

Speaking of's a picture of her from the AV show. There were two group projects from her school, and then there was about 6 other individual projects from her school.

She got a School District Drawstring bag, Medal and certificate. At our school's open house, we got to get a copy of her work on a CD. :)

It's hard to believe that the school year is almost over! We had our last PTO meeting...I'll be the President again next year. My best friend Jenn will be the Treasurer. We've lost 4 really good parents as they're kids are moving on to middle we need to find some new volunteers to chair committees.

The girls have a birthday party to go I'm off of here!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here's the scoop from last week

But Catherine brings home a paper that tells us that her Betsy Ross Biography has been chosen to be presented in our school districts 6th annual Audio Visual Expo! :) There were 4 kids in her class that had their work selected to be submitted and Catherine's was chosen!!! :) That's just really cool...we live in a very large school district (we have 8 elementary schools in our district) and it will be neat to see her work among all of the others. Work from kindergarten up the the twelfth grade will be on display from each school, there will be over 200 pieces.

Last week was such a busy one!

Two mornings, I had to have the girls and I up and out of the house by 6:30 to go pick up coffee for our Mom's & Muffins (We had Bagels with Dad on the 15th earlier this month).

It was also the national turn off your TV week. Being the PTO president I thought it would be fun for our school to embrace it, and hold a couple fun events to help pass the time. Monday night we had a Game Night for the kids and the school Counselor held a Care & Share for the parents.

Thursday was our "Get Movin' Night" where we set up several fun stations for the kids to get active. The hit of the night was the obstacle course. We set up two identical lanes where friends could race each other. Even the parents would race their kids...too fun! I ran through it about 5 times. ;)

Thursday, the girls went with Bobby to work for the annual "Kids to Work Day". They had a great time. I meet them for lunch at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. The girls got a kick out of seeing the Chef preform while he cooked lunch. I think the chef had an even better time picking on Catherine. :)
This week, I'm catching up on laundry and changing out the seasons...although the last couple days have been chilly! Work in progress though! :) I always hate's such a big job because the 4 of us seem to have a lot of clothes, even though we all complain about not having any! :) I wonder if any of you can relate.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Stuff

So, I never shared pictures about all the spring stuff ...St. Patricks, Easter, Anniversary so here's a link to shutterfly Spring Pictures.

We took the girls to DC rained off and on so it was a little rough. I'll upload pictures later.

But for is some spring flowers (from trees & bushes) on our lane...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Family....give them a hug and tell them you love them!

Last week I knew Thursday was going to be a tough day, and was it ever! I got a phone call from my sister Rebecca at 4 am in the morning that sent me into a frenzy of packing a bag and booking the first flight out of here while trying to remember all the important day to day stuff for Bobby to deal with the girls.

My Dad went into the hospital...and if you knew my Dad, he NEVER and I really mean never goes to the hospital. The Dr. told him he has congestive heart failure, he had fluid on his lungs and everywhere else for that matter (22 lbs worth). He was low on sodium and potassium, possibly had pneumonia as well. They wanted to do a heart catheterization but he wouldn't let them, because he wasn't willing to do any surgery that would be suggested. He went in the hospital Wednesday and was released Friday night with Hospice. We have a cousin that works with Hospice and came out to the house Saturday morning to get all the paperwork and everything started and set up. The same morning, 6 of my moms 7 brothers came out to build them a ramp off of their back porch to make things easier.

(Not a great picture of any of you can see the stress we're all under.) It took a lot of strength for Dad to sit up for pictures...and patience, because we each wanted a picture alone and a group shot (which didn't turn out well...and we retook them 5 minutes before I had to head out to the airport...I'm waiting for someone to email me the pictures...I didn't take my camera with me so it was up to the 3 sisters with cameras!)

He's old, he's tired, he's lived a long good life and is just ready to go. Do you know how hard that is? It's rough. I'm glad I had a whirlwind of a visit down in KY to see my Dad (Mom and sisters too) but it just wasn't long enough. You don't know how hard it was to hug and kiss him goodbye knowing that that will be the last time I see him alive. So, I'm sad.

Here's 4 of my sisters...Sherri (my twin), me Heather, Angelia, Rebecca, and then Tammy.
Teresa isn't pictured here...she was in the hospital at the same time, having her gall bladder removed. She's been really sick, [I hope you don't mind that I say that Cancer really sucks!] - please pray for her.

I had a 3 hr drive to the Nahsville airport, then my flight home with a layover in Charolotte. Bobby and the girls had fresh flowers and my favorite chocolates waiting for me when I got home from the airport Sunday night (so sweet).

I slept all day Monday and most of the day on Tuesday. I tried to get back to normal today, but it's hard. I just feel lost, empty and alone. I just wish I could be cradled and everything bad would just go away.

I called Rebecca today and she was visiting our sister Teresa. I called Sherri, Tammy and Angelia were over at her house. Here I am in PA with no sister to lean on and it just really makes me miss my sisters so much. I have great friends that would hang out with me in a heartbeat if I would just ask them too....but I won't ask, I'll just sit here...missing my family.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Spring!

Spring is officially here....the weather is only half sure about it though! :) I've got lots of pictures to share...St. Patricks Day, Our Anniversary, Easter, etc...

I don't have time to post them now...but just wanted to give out a hello!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Almost the middle of March already

Wow, this month is flying much is going on so I haven't updated in awhile.

  1. My Mom had a bit of a heart scare, but it turns out everything is fine (after a pointless surgery after all - Thanks Doctors!) thank goodness!
  2. Family Fun Day (School Carnival) was a successful event - the kids had a blast! See pictures below.
  3. I updated my desktop, and since I have Shabby Princess and Shabby Miss Jenn's there's one for my desktop and one for the girls profile. :)
  4. Bobby and I celebrate our 12th anniversary this weekend. It was 12 years ago today that he proposed to me.
  5. It's time to turn in the Van and get a new working on that.
  6. Abby's is getting a little extra help in school to strengthen her verbal and written communication and she's now getting speech therapy.
  7. Catherine is doing great in school as usual - she's in her 2nd week of swimming classes at school. She dove into 12 ft off the high dive and was very proud of herself.
  8. I'm working on the school yearbook trying to make my deadline - very stressed out as other things are going on at the same time.
  9. We bought Abby a dresser for her room - it's white and shabby chic (love it)
  10. Spring needs to arrive!
I'm getting a server error and can't upload pictures (third time I've tried maybe someday I'll get some pictures up!)

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Camera is here...

...and I'm in love
I had more pictures to share...but more than half way through the upload it had an here are a few pics.

You can check out my Shutterfly photo album for some other pics....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Going into the weekend

The school Talent Show is lined up for Friday - Catherine is in three acts this year. The Brownie Troup is singing "My Country Tis Of Thee" and reciting the pledge of allegiance. She's doing her hula hoop routine - she has 1 large and 2 small hoops. Where she works all three in a really fun act to Aly & Aj's "Do you believe in Magic". Thirdly, she's in an act with her friend and her sister in a singing/dancing routine to Corbin Bleu's "Push it to the limit".

Weather is threatening and the Talent Show may be pushed back till Saturday evening...which I hope doesn't happen because Bobby and I had plans to go out to dinner and then go to a party with lots of our friends...and I'll really be bummed out if we miss it. Saturday afternoon Catherine has the Girl Scouts Thinking Day event to attend.

Catherine has the stomach bug and has thrown up several times now (so gross - I can't deal with it) - I picked her up yesterday afternoon from school and she's home today....I hope she's better in time for the talent show! Abby's a tough cookie, she wasn't feeling good for a few days but she has persevered.

I ordered my camera and I'm waiting for it to arrive! I can't wait for it to get here! Last weekend was a long one and we went down to Maryland to visit some really good friends and we had a great time! This year is going by too fast already I can't believe it's going to be March soon. Sometimes I just wish I could slow time down.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Bobby was very traditional with his gift of Red Roses and my favorite Chocolates (Rocher's) - Such a sweetheart!

I got the girls little mailboxes from Target and filled them with candy, cards & even a $1 bill. They filled my mailbox (yes I bought one for myself - it's white and not pink though - because I've got a crafty idea up my sleeve (I'm planning on putting cute scrapbook paper & ribbons/flowers etc. on it....perhaps by next year) with tons of cute little notes and sweet sentiments.

The girls and I made cupcakes (for Catherine's classroom party) and cookies (Abby's classroom party - I'm her room mom this year) for Valentines - they're sporting their cute Valentine Heart Tee's from Target too.
Catherine has girls scouts tonight, I picked personal pan pizza's for the girls to eat...Bobby and I will go out to eat (Abby's tagging along - guess she'll just eat dessert!) :)
Happy Heart Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Canon Rebel XTi

Yeah Baby, That's what I'm talking about! :)

As soon as our tax refund comes in this baby will be mine! The Canon Rebel XTi - with 28-105mm and the 70-300mm lense.

I can't wait to get this so I can start taking some really great photos! :)

I went to upload a new blog banner - made a mistake in the template so surprise, I have a bit of a new look on here! :) LOL I'll have to find my slideshow info and put it back on later.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting ready for Valentine's Day

Valentine Preparations!

Today we were out at Target and we picked up a bag of the Valentines M&M's (these are my favorites....two shades of pink, red & white). The last time we were in Target we picked up the girls some Valentine Shirts to wear to school for their party. Catherine has signed all her cards and has enough candy to pass out to all her classmates. Abby and I still need to work on hers, we were waiting for her class list, and so we're ready...perhaps this afternoon!

I've had two coke bottles (Coca-Cola Blak it's a coffee infused coke - so yummy!) that have been cleaned and sterilized waiting for a fun gift/project. :) This is it, we filled them up with the yummy M&M's attached a fun heart ribbon around the center, then another ribbon up top with a metal tag with a flower & brad combo and a pink paperclip holding a mini valentine card. Perfect Teacher gift, yes?!

A picture of the girls for Nana!

My Mom sent the girls a cute gift - beautiful silky gowns & matching delicate robe. The girls felt very elegant in these and grabbed their pretty dolls to pose for a quick picture. They've been prancing around like little princesses in them - very cute!

I can't wait for my new camera once the tax refund comes back in....then hopefully I'll blow you all away with some great pictures! :) The teacher gifts came out great because I used the natural light from a window in my room....otherwise our digital has much to desire.

Bobby snapped a quick picture of me this afternoon....I've got to say I LOVE my Pink Dell laptop!!!!

...Yes, Abby needs to clean her room back up...that didn't last long! The girls tend to only play in Abby's room at the moment. When we were in Target today we looked at some fun stuff to decorate rooms with. I've got a whole plan to make both of the girls rooms fun...just have to pace it out so we can afford it! :)

We watched Transformers today - it was alright - Bobby and Catherine really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to watching Ocean's Thirteen (3 very yummy men in it: George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Daman...mmmm.....).

Friday, February 08, 2008

Pretty Woman

Here I am watching Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts tonight, and it dons on me as I see the large cell phone (LOL those were huge!) in one of the early scenes that this movie was aired 18 years ago. Doesn't that seem imposible...that it was 18 years ago? I went and saw this with my best friend Peggy at the movie theater...we were way to young, we must have been 12! I remember the pimple-faced ticket seller giving us a hard timeIt's one of those classic movies (classic in my lifetime sorta way) that you just can't resist watching over again...much like Overboard (with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell), Breakfast Club, or Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Peggy, wow, we had some great times together. She lived in Paris Tennessee, originally she was from California, and moved to TN with her family. Since I lived in KY, we meet through Mike & Becky hosting our church Teen/Youth Groups. Peggy and I instantly clicked and became the best of friends. We spent so much time on the phone and once we got together there was no splitting us apart. I could go on and on with fun memories. We've lost touch over the years though. Once I left home, we emailed a lot, she came out and saw me once after Bobby and I got married and while we were still at Ft. Lee, VA. She transferred from Murray State out to Texas and interned with the Dallas Cowboys Press Department. She lived her dream because she was the Cowboys #1 fan and had a thing for Troy Aikman. :) I'm in the process of trying to track her down again! I hate loosing touch with friends, and I have done it over and over in my life. Even with my family....I'm trying to get better at it and I'm trying to get back in touch with a few cousins that I grew up with and have lost touch with over the years.

I know, several posts now without pictures....please don't hate me! :) I'll try and take some fun ones soon and post.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Books, Germs, Storms & Politics

Books: Okay our reading challenge is in full swing at the school this week. We've had the Pep-Rally and book distribution, we've had the book fair, we've had our Guest Readers come in to read....the kids have their passports filled with activities that they are working on (at home and some even in the classrooms thanks to the teachers incorporating them into their day). I've worked so hard on's wrapping up - but there will still be the tallying of the passports and ordering the prizes and all.

Germs: Bobby's got the flu - yuck! I'm getting over my cold (headaches still loom though). Abby's fighting a cold...her temp is up - I'm hoping she doesn't get sick. Catherine is healthy!

Storms: Oh My! I always hate seeing so much devestation with tornadoes and I always worry about our family since most of them are there.

Politics: You know, this has been an exciting year for politics. This is the first year that I've really taken an interest in watching the primaries, the debates and Super Tuesday. It is an exciting year no matter whether you're a Republican or a Democrat because of the progress our country has made and that there is a black man and a woman running for president. It's exciting!

Anyways - hoping you're all doing great. Hugs!

Monday, February 04, 2008

February 2's

These should all be very quick answers (but it never goes that way for me!)

2 names you go by: Heather; Vixen

2 parts of your heritage: French; Irish

2 treasured possessions: My Dads miniature leather chest filled with foreign coins; Scrapbooks & pictures

2 of your everyday essentials: Cell Phone; lip gloss

2 things you are wearing right now: Jeans; Faux layered shirt

2 of your favorite bands or musical artists: Breaking Benjamin; Fergie

2 things you want in a relationship: Happiness; Respect

2 truths: I am a good PTO President; I can't sing

2 physical things that appeal to you in the opposite sex: Smile; Muscles

2 of your favorite hobbies: LOL - I haven't scrapbooked in forever so let's go with collecting pretty paper; Kissing

2 things you want really badly: Larger House (w/garage);

2 places you want to go on vacation: Romantic vacation to a Bed & Breakfast on the northern east coast; Family Vacation to Disney World

2 things you want to do before you die: Travel all over Britain & to go see the Eiffel Tower in Paris; See a broadway show in NYC (I know that was more than 2)

2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick: I love pretty things like pink sparkly things; I take a long time getting ready for a night out

2 things you are thinking about now: My house needs cleaning; I should get to bed

2 stores you shop at: New York & Company; Arepostale

2 drinks you like: Starbucks mocha latte; Cosmopolitan

2 movies: The Wedding Planner; and uh all three of the Bourne movies (Matt Daman - need I say more?)

2 scents: Armani Mania; Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber

2 childhood memories: Seeing the ocean for the first time when I was 3 in the swimsuit that was too big for me because I refused to wear the matching swimsuit that my twin sister & I was supposed to wear (I remember arguing with my mom in the basement of our old house before we packed for the trip to wear any swimsuit but that matching one - it had bright colors and it had rows and rows of kids on it - I ended up wearing a pastel swimsuit that was way too big but I was happy!); Riding bikes and walking through the woods for hours and hours with my sisters and cousins playing all sorts of imaginary games and stories.

A miserable cold

I've been sick with a miserable cold all weekend long. I started to feel it's effects Thursday and it hit me hard Friday. I've had the weight of an elephant on my chest - my brain sloshing around my skull from coughing, and more mucus than I can deal with! I don't have tissues and my nose is sore because TP just isn't quite as nice....and I was just in the store Thursday morning!

This happened to be the same weekend that my lovely husband was away and I had plans on hanging out with my friends, and doing fun stuff with the girls. Instead...I plopped my butt on the sofa and vegged watching movies. I spent the weekend with my hottie Matt Daman (the Bourne trilogy), Bruce Willis (12 Monkeys), Mel Gibson (What Women Want) and kid movies (Garfield, Ella Enchanted, Perfect Man, etc...) with my girls.

All the while I'm still trying to wrap up the last final details of my big PTO reading challenge & monthly meeting. Hard to do with the effects of cold medicine.

On the good side, I spent some fun time with the girls reading to them and watching tv/movies. On the bad side, I didn't get the house spotless and laundry folded like I had planned. Also, I had to cancel plans with 2 sets of friends because I felt so miserable. :(

Yes - I'm whining slightly. I haven't had a cold in a few years I think....I had forgotten how miserable they are (could I say miserable one more time?).

Bright hubby is coming home late tomorrow night and I can't wait to get to see him!

Hey this will brighten anyones day..... Don't forget to check out Shabby Pincess' page and grab your free February desktop wallpaper (I used to create my own, and change them periodically, but now I download hers every month and simply add a couple photos).

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hey Heather........Smile!

^ That is a quote from a you know who you are?! ;)

What a crazy month this has been. I've been away on a trip, I've had my daughter's 8th birthday party, I've been working hard on the reading challenge for our elementary much prep work, and the pep-rally was last Friday, this weekend was a nice family weekend, I've taken down Christmas decorations (yes they were up until last week - that's how busy it's been here in my life!), lots of dinners, laundry, homework, etc...

We also had a big move this weekend.....we cleaned out the front room and moved Abby's bed and toys downstairs. Yes, the girls have been seperated into their own rooms. They are getting along so much better already too! Abby's been keeping it so nice and clean, her toys are all organized, and she's even been making her bed. Our 5 year old is making her bed without me even asking her! Can you tell how proud she is of having her own room?

I've got to help Catherine clean up her room and then I think she'll be excited (right now, she's just jealous - even though it was her choice first for which room). She wants a vanity really badly, so we'll create that for her, oh and we need to get a dresser for Abby. So there's more work to do...but for now, Abby's really excited and I'm excited because the girls are playing so well together! :)

Oh, so we picked up 3 hula hoops for Catherine.....she's working on a routine for the talent show for late February! :) She'll also be doing a routine with her two friends again this year...a High School Musical 2 number.
Just a fun pic of us to share! :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Catherine's 8th Birthday

She did it....she turned 8! I can't believe it's been 8 years since I had this sweet little girl and I finally became a Mommy! :) She has enriched my life with such fun, her enthusiasm for life is just contagious...she's such a happy girl - sweet beyond belief and a true friend to those lucky enough to be around her.

She couldn't make up her mind for her birthday and finally ended up with Chuck E. Cheese (I always swore we'd never have a party here...but at 10 - 11:30am Saturday it wasn't bad) party. All the kids had a great time - she got lots of great gifts and had a fabulous birthday. Friday, her actual birthday, we ate at Red Lobster (one of her favorite restaurants) then went to the mall (I finally got an MP3 player....Pink Zen V Plus) then meet up with our friends to pick up one of Catherine's friends to spend the night...before her birthday party Saturday morning.

Sunday, we went to a gymnastics party for our friends (Ben & Jeannie) daughter Olivia (one of Abby's best friends)...the kids had an absolute blast! Jeannie had face painting done as well....isn't that amazing?!? The kids loved it...complete with glitter and jewels.
Sadly I had to wash it off of them before going to bed...much to the kids dismay!

It was a great weekend!