Saturday, August 26, 2006

Brand new doll & First day approaching

Catherine has been saving her money up to buy herself a doll (because I can't see spening $40 on a doll - I know I'm mean and terrible!). We were going out shopping today and she really wanted to buy her doll today.
She was $10 short, so Bobby and I decided to forward her the money so that she could buy it today.

She was a lucky girl this doll was on sale! So we picked up an additional one for her friend (Birthday party on Sunday). This doll is by Mattel - it's a Teen Trend doll and she is Gabby. Now we're on the lookout for more outfits and her puppy. :)

She's a really cute doll (I wish that her hair wouldn't tangle so easily though). Catherine is so excited. Now, the reason I think this is so cool is because Catherine is so much like me - but with one exception - she's never cared a whole lot for playing with dolls. When I was a little girl, I loved playing with dolls (I still have several from my childhood at least the ones past 8 yrs since our house burned when I was young) and I would have loved this doll. Infact, when I put Catherine to bed tonight we sat and brushed her hair together! :) Something I've waited to do with my daughter for years! :)

School starts monday and I have a first-grader that will be away from me all day. :(
Today we went to the mall and got her first day outfit, shoes and earings. Why the last minute? Because this girl of mine has over 35 outfits not counting any dresses (which is probably near 2 dozen) I wasn't planning on buying any new clothes until the fall....but you know how it is, you have to have the perfect first day outfit! :)

Last Thursday was the back to school night for us parents. I was there to help out with the PTO. Then we got to go to our childrens classrooms and meet the teacher and find out some info for the upcoming new year. (This year will be tough for the 1st grade because PA has decided that the K shouldn't know 30 sight words but 130, so they have to make up for it, since they didn't learn those extra words last year)

Anyways....Catherine gets to sit by the boy that she likes and she's so excited.(well, he likes her too, I saw his mom and she couldn't wait to get home to tell him who he'd be sitting by! Too cute!) :) So she's looking forward to the first day...favorite teacher, favorite boy, best girl friend, she get's to eat lunch there, etc... :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Scrapbookers will enjoy this....make sure your speakers are on! :)

I've been scrapbooking (something I haven't done in a LONG time) these last couple weeks. I created an altered lunch tin a long time ago, so I'm working on the folders inside. I'm working on an AAM album. I finished my LO in the last CJ and mailed it off last week, I'm creating some cards, etc. I've kept the house clean and laundry up to date so it's easy to find a few extra minutes to play and create.

Bobby hung two braketless shelves above my desk and I got it organized. It's so much easier to work in an organized space! I'll update with some pictures soon. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

School News

Catherine will be entering the First Grade this year! It's exciting for her - now she'll be gone all day. This will be so different for us! She is ready though. She toured all three 1st grade classrooms and got to meet one of the teachers during the Open House at the end of last year. (The other 1st grade teachers were busy talking with other parents/students and we didn't stay long enough for her to meet them all.)

We had a quick lunch at McD's then we went to the school because they posted the class list. Catherine and I could hardly wait to find out which teacher she would have and which friends would be in the same class as hers.

We found the list, and she's in the class with the teacher that she was hoping to get and is so excited about that! She's also has lots of her friends in that class (including a certain little boy) ;).

There are a few friends that are in other classrooms which makes her a little sad but she understands that this is how it works.

We have to go shopping for the first day of school outfit. :) School starts soon!
I'm busy today running some errands to pick up things that we need for the PTO to help get packets ready and for the all school picnic! :)

Next year Abby will be in Kindergarten - until then she's keeping pretty busy herself with different classes, playgroups, story hours, etc...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What a Busy Summer!

We have had such a busy summer and I've negleted giving updats. I'm so sorry about that!
We've traveled, we've done a ton of day trips, and have done so much this summer!

It's been a very busy summer for all of us here. The girls have had a lot of fun with vacations, seeing the circus for the first time,
sleep overs, swimming, going to the park, playing video games, watching tv, hula hooping, birthday parties, dancing to music, having friends over, going to amusement parks, etc...

I've been busy with all of their things plus working with the PTO for the upcoming school year, going out with friends, birthday parties, not to mention lots of cleaning and laundry, etc...

Abby turned 4 this summer. My baby is so big, and almost all her "babiness" is gone. She has the sweetest little voice though, which is my only cling to her babiness! :) She had such a fun birthday party - it was a nice twist to not have the normal character party - she had a polka-dot party. It was really cute if I do say so myself! :) I was out of batteries for my digital, I still need to develop the prints from the roll I took.

I had a birthday too. I was going to throw myself a birthday party since I was turning 29 but I didn't. :) Bobby and I went out for the night and had a great time instead.

We've had a great summer!!!