Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rainy Day today

Well, it's been such a rainy day here in PA! So what does that lead to? Laziness and shopping! :) LOL We went out after a good lazy morning and bought (finally!) some good pots & pans - you know Calphalon! :) Wohoo! :)

Our next stop was blockbuster...we got a few movies for the girls, one for DH, and one for me - The Notebook - based on Nicholas Sparks book. Right now the girls are watching Sleeping Beauty. It's so sweet hearing Abby "singing" along with the song "Once upon a dream" wayyy to cute! I wish you could hear it.

We're planning on attending a church that our friends go to tomorrow. It starts at 10:30 vs. 9:30 where we attend - and it's much it will be nice to have a little extra time in the morning! :)

Our dear Catherine has always been so sensitive (well, both girls actually), the other day she broke my heart...I found her sitting near a corner crying softly. When I asked her what was the matter she said that she was sad because nobody wanted her around. Oh...that just stings me, to think that she could think that! Ohhh I felt just awful. After assuring her that she was loved, wanted, and missed when she was away she felt better. I don't know what made her think that. It was last Thursday I believe, she had spent the afternoon at a friends house playing. I don't know if anything was said there that made her think that, or if it was becuase we (her parents) were busy doing other things that she felt left out. It just hurt me to think that she wasn't loved or wanted for even just a second!

Okay, I can't leave this on a sad, here's an update on my organization...

I've got that blue credenza all primed and painted white now! :) Whohooo! :) It's looking good! I've got to put the hardware back on it. I've now decided that I want to change out the "feet" on it...and it will be ready to move upstairs and into my room. Hey it'd be a good time for you to see what I'm talking about huh? Okay, I'll post some pictures. I'll try to get them up tomorrow.

My New Digital Camera

my girls

I've got a new camera and I'm so excited about it! :)

I set up a white sheet and used the sun coming in filtered thru the sheer curtains and got some great photos of the girls. Here's one of them. I'll be scrapbooking some pages with these photos soon.

It's been awhile since I've had a photo shoot with the girls, and we had some fun. I didn't get that many "perfect" photos because one would be looking away while the other was smiling perfectly! You know how it goes! If you've taken a photo shoot lately, tell me about it!

The new camera has an option to take video recordings which is really cool! Can you tell I'm excited?! :) It was a "just on a whim" type purchase. I had needed a new one since last December when our old one broke down on us.

Abby & her ponnies

Abby and her My Little Ponnies riding along in the barbie jeep!

Abby dresses up in play clothes or "dress up" as she calls it all the time. She runs around the house twirling around and just looking cute! :) Abby has always been a "collector" with her toys. She gather lots of "like things" together and carry them around from room to room. This time, instead of in a bucket, basket or purse it's in a jeep!

It's so cute watching her play. She doesn't need anyone to entertain her - she finds a way to play with almost anything, and can be content for quite a while!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Yuckies!

Well we went to a local Nursery to get lots of plants (shrubs/flowers). After being out for awhile, all of a sudden I felt terrible! I had to sit down, I felt horrible!!! Since Bobby and I drove seperatly (so we could get lots of stuff in his truck & in my car) he said I should just head home.

I barely made it home. I had to stop twice to throw up, when I got home my neighbors helped me get the girls out of the car and into the house....long story short, I haven't eaten anything since breakfast yesterday, I can't keep anything down (so far, Sprite has been the only thing to stay).

Last night was such a long night...I have been so thirsty that I just can't stand it. It made me think of Terry Shiavo and how bad it must have been for her. :(

Why is it always the weekend that we get sick? Here we had this long weekend, and now Bobby's sick too! We have these plants that need to get in the ground. I'm hoping we have energy to do it tomorrow!

Our poor girls are left to play and destroy the house as best as they can! :) I'm not as nausious this afternoon, so it looks like I'm on the upswing of things!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Landscaping time!

Well, I've put away all the "junk" for now (until I get a new piece of furniture). I have to pick up a few supplies and I can prime & paint the credenza. This project will be put on hold for a few days since we need to do some landscape work this weekend.

DH & I will be going shopping for some flowering bushes, hosta's, ornamental grasses, flowers & bamboo to plant around the yard. We came up with a plan that we think will work. We have a hill in our back and side yard, and the forest is encroaching our yard to much, briars are creeping down the slope. We know that bamboo will spread and is hardy, to we plan on planting it on the slope. I just hope that in a few years we won't regret planting it...but right now it's about the only option.

So, tonight Catherine and I were snuggling in a blanket on the chaise lounge (windows were open to enjoy the fresh air and to just air out the house, so it was started to get just slightly cool. It was just a nice moment while we were talking with each other. I leaned down and kissed her forehead and she told me she loved me more than there were animals and just like a circle, because the circle never ends she said! :) Isn't she just so sweet?! :)

Both girls have been sick, must be a stomach bug of some type. Neither one felt like themselves today. I'm hoping they feel better's no fun being sick - especially on the weekend!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sunshine & Sickness

Well, we walked to the nearby park, and the girls had a great time. It's a small park but it has all the essentials; slides, swings, monkey bars & merry go-round. :)

After being there for only 15 minutes, Catherine started complaining about her belly hurting. I insisted that she play since we had come all that way, blah, blah, blah....but she kept complaining. So off we went to go back home.

We cleaned up the yard from bikes, balls & jump ropes and upstairs she went only to come down smelling of throw-up! :( Poor baby really was sick! She threw up all over her bathroom floor, she didn't make it to the toilet. I felt so bad for her though! I cleaned up the mess, while gagging the whole time! Whew - that is some nasty stuff!!! I can't stand the smell or gooiness! It brings up too many memories of being sick while pregnant!

Let's start this thing!

Well, I decided I'd try my hand at starting & keeping a blog. Perhaps if I say out loud what my goals are, I might accomplish some! :) We'll see!

I'm not the funniest person but I'll try and make this not be too boring for those who care to read! :) LOL

Right now, I'm not quiet in the spring cleaning mode - but rather home organization or shall I say reorganization mode! DH (dear husband) brought home some temporary filing boxes (at my request) so I had a place to put stuff while I'm in the midst of this whole Re-Org thing!

Why reorganize the whole house you may ask? Well, last November we traded bedrooms with the girls - complete with painting walls in each room. Just this past weekend, we finally put up shelves and "pretty" things in the girls room. We have yet to complete - heck, even start to decorate our bedroom!

For those who have never seen our home, each room is same in sq ft - but laid out differently, they each have a walk in closet and a full bathroom. Our old bedroom was a square - it had an extra 8' closet - which was my scrapbooking nook. Since we decided our new bedroom furniture would fit better in the rectangle room hence the move of bedrooms. So, I lost my closet - it needs to turn into a craft/school nook for the girls. I usually scrapbook once the girls are in bed, and I can no longer do that! :(

So....I need a place to scrapbook in my bedroom yet keep the room looking nice! So I have the perfect cabinet - but it's downstairs in the foyer. It's home to coloring books/puzzles, cd's, pens/pencils, batteries, measuring tapes, etc.. you know, the stuff you need but ends up becoming a huge junk drawer... x4 in my case since there are 4 drawers and cabinets below. Anyways...this credenza will work -but the color is off, and I want the inside painted so it will be brighter and easier to find my supplies.

Here is where I'm at now.

  • Credenza - Unloaded & organized 4 cabinets into boxes
  • Unloaded the drawers
  • organized supplies in desk
To do:
  • Complete the project - find "homes" for the rest of "junk"

There is much more to do to just finish this project...

  • Prime the inside of cabinet & drawers
  • Paint the cabinet inside & out
  • Unload Scrapbook Closet - Sort supplies
  • Load closet with supplies for girls
  • Load Scrapbook stuff into credenza
  • Clear out hallway closet to hold extra SB supplies

Isn't it odd, how when you want to move one thing, you have to move several things around! Just because I want to get my scrapbook stuff out of the old closet and into a new place in my room it's creating a huge ReOrg! Whew! But, I'll get it all done. I'm setting the end of April as my deadline. I hope I can make my deadline!

Since we changed out rooms, I've already completely changed out our closets. That was no minor project either! I do however, have a ton of baby clothes to go through. I need to sort them to see what I can sell at a consignment shop, then take the rest to charity. I need to do the same for their toys. Right now, there are 2 (or is it 3?) huge Rubbermaid tubs holding toys from a major room clean up back in January. There's a tub sitting in my room - I just need to get fresh batteries and clean them up so I can try and sell them at the consignment shop too. Then take a load to charity as well.

Okay, I'll stop at this! :) I need to get take the girls outside and play, they want to walk down to the playground today. It's another beautiful spring day! I wish that spring would last all year! I love it! The fresh air, the beautiful flowers, the birds, the sunshine! I'm so excited, there are buds on my hydrangea bushes!!!! :) My niece, Afton got married last year (May 8th) and she had a ton of hydrangea bushes that decorated the church. My sister Teresa (her mom) gave me 4 or 5 of them. We planted them, but I was told by someone that they were probably greenhouse plants and wouldn't make the transplant. I was so bummed...but it didn't stop me! :) Bobby planted them for me, and now there are BUDS!!! Wahoo! See, they made it! Hmppfff to the Home Depot Nursery worker! ((insert evil laugh))

I was supposed to stop wasn't I?! :)

Thanks for reading if you made it this far - God bless you!

Family Photo

Scott Family 2002
Yes, It's time for a new family photo! Abby will be 3 this summer, and Catherine is 5 now! Hopefully we'll get one made soon.

I got a new hair cut, which I don't like! I also had my hair colored to match my natural color...I don't like it, it's such a "mousy" brown color. I need highlights! :) Then, we can have a new photo made! :) LOL Don't you just love it! :)