Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last Sunday of 2007

I just finished taking my last Sunday afternoon nap of 2007...........awe that was refreshing!

Tomorrow we will be going over to a friends house, lots of our friends will be there, bringing in the new year together....the kids will be running around having fun getting to stay up late too! I've got to figure out what snack I want to bring to help contribute to the food.

Yesterday we had some friends over...they brought their wii (that is so much fun to play...I wouldn't mind getting one for's so much fun, and it gets your butt up off the couch!)
They also brought over this cool 10MPH mini coop that's meant for kids...this is powerful and freaked the kids out...but Bobby and I had fun riding it! ;)

Today we have friends coming over to play some board games/watching movies and stuff. Oh...Santa gave us the Disney (2nd Edition) Scene It game...that's fun...and I love's a trivia game that I'm actually good at! :)

Gotta love the week between Christmas and New's a great time to hang out with friends!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

We've been elfed!

I sent this to a few...but just incase you missed it check us out as elves!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

The kids were so excited yesterday. One of our traditions is that the kids get to open one gift on Christmas eve (the lovely jammies their sporting in the pictures) and Abby asked all day if it was time to open a gift. The girls showed so much excitement and happiness over the jammies. I was really impressed with their gratitude, it actually overwhelmed me. Catherine was funny, this year she realized that for the last 3 or 4 years she's received PJ's of some type on Christmas Eve....LOL :) They were really cute. They laid out the sugar cookies that we baked on Christmas Eve, and the pictures they colored for Santa and went to bed.

We kept the kids up a little later than normal so they'd sleep in a bit (8am isn't too bad for Christmas Morning!). They woke up with so much excitement. They woke us up, and we pulled ourselves out of bed...and we all came downstairs (I left all the Christmas lights on downstairs so it was all aglow this morning). The kids sorted out the gifts into everybody's pile. Abby knows her name, but if it was for someone else she'd place it in a pile, we'd catch her and she'd say "Oh, I can't read that" or "Oh, I didn't know" it was cute. Catherine of course did a great job...however mentally counting each gift as she placed them in the piles (that girl reminds me so much of how I was growing up)

The girls got lots of games, fun toys and tons of stocking stuffers. They didn't complain, they enjoyed every gift they asked for...they never mentioned the other things that they may have wanted that they didn't get. They were really good, I'm very pleased at how grateful and sweet they are.

Special gifts include:

Abby getting her Baby Emma that she wanted, baby bottles, cute blankie, Barbie Hair-do, Make up (first time) and shiny pink bag, lite-brite, etc...

Catherine getting her easy bake oven (Disney Princess Cool Air Bake), Nintendo DS Catz game, Bratz make-over doll, High School Musical 2 DVD, make up, etc...

Girls Big Gift: Personal DVD player (the girls got 2 DVD's each) & Pink Carrying case, 2 sets of sparkly pink ear phones (band less loop over the ear), princess autocolaunts to decorate the DVD player and case.

Bobby did a great job giving me wonderful gifts. He is so sweet and thoughtful.

Christmas Eve while I was preparing the cinnamon rolls he gave me a gift - it was white slippers - perfect! Today I received Bath & Body works Sensual Amber gift set, Starbucks teacup and saucer, and my favorite chocolates in the world...Ferrero Rocher. Plus a stocking filled with goodies. Oh, and the jewelry....

He got some goodies in his stocking, plus a few gifts that he'd been wanting....he got several gifts before Christmas XBox 360 game Call of Duty 4...and other stuff.

Honestly...the kids posing for a couple pictures...and Bobby taking some of me and the kids was one of my best gifts....if they only knew how much that means to me!
I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. I gave a lot of thought to all my friends today, and I hope that everyone had a great day with their family, and that everyone knows how much I love them. I know I didn't call and talk to anyone today (we seem to keep to our immediate family on Christmas day...but know that you were thought of!).
Love you all!

Merry Christmas Eve

Okay, technically it's Christmas...but I haven't gone to, I'm going with that! :) But anyways.....Santa has arrived!!!!

I've made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow...using the cinnabon recipe in the morning I'll make the frosting for them and reheat them.

Here are a couple fun gifts I did this year....this went to Bobby's cousins that live here in's a "Warm Wishes" for a Merry Christmas (everything inside is to help you stay warm) Starbucks coffee beans, peppermint mocha frappachino's, hot cocoa's, cozy socks, home made fudge, lap blanket, gloves, etc....)

Home made fudge for teacher gifts... I wrapped them up in clear bags and tied with Holiday Treats ribbon :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The eve of Christmas Eve

Yesterday was a bit of a family day...we got the kids back from a sleepover. They caught up on some of the Christmas Cartoons while Bobby and I got ready. We went out and ate lunch at Applebee's then went to the Movie theater to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was sooo cute!!! We put the girls in between us and we hoped to catch a chance - the movie was way to cute! I would almost be willing to buy a couple of their songs.........uh almost! :) Very cute little updated songs though. At the end, during the credits, they played music, Catherine jumped up and danced...she's so cute.

Then we went over to a friends house until late. The kids all played adults played trivial pursuit. Let me say that I hate playing that game - at least the adult version. I'm much better at the jr versions! :) It was especially hard playing the genus version...I completely stunk! Bobby is much better at the game..that stinker knew almost every's not fair! :) LOL

Today was a nice lazy day...trying to catch up on sleep and all. I've got to finish wrapping the gifts so that I can relax tomorrow. So I'm off to make me some diet hot cocoa (I'm 131 lbs right now...and very happy about that!...just a few pounds from 120 something!) and pulling out the last of the gifts to be wrapped.

Love and Happiness to you all with much love of the season!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Secret Santa Cami!

This post is all for Cami - may she always have love and joy in her life!

Cami - you are truley one of the best people I've had the pleasure of getting to know in the world...even though we've never meet IRL! You are spunky, funny, filled with love, generous, beutiful inside and out, insightful, observant, intelligent, fun to be around and all around completely awesome!

Thank you for sending me such a sweet gift! I came home one day to a package on my front porch. I wasn't expecting it, the packages I was anticipating had already arrived. The package had my name on it. I opened the shipping box, and inside was a familiar packaging of the fabulous San Fancisco Music Box Company.

I opened it up..hehehe...perhaps I should have waited for Christmas morning....but I'm as bad as a kid! I'll admit it! I'm glad I did open it, it was a gorgeous mini waterglobe ornament with an angel and it has a silver star that hangs from it! :) It works so well on the's gorgeous...and the girls love pushing the button to hear it play music, especially Abby. I had no idea who this was from and I kept asking all my local friends! :) Turns out it was my dear friend Cami! Which by the way I got her card with her kids picture (they're so gorgeous!!!) So again, Thank you Cami!!!!! You are so sweet!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Stuff

Christmas Shopping
Catherine (Check)
Abby (Check)
Bobby (Check)
Catherine's Stocking (Check)
Abby's Stocking (Check)
Bobby's Stocking (1/2 a Check)

Just a few more items then I'm completely done! :) Yeah!!!!

I'm not hard to buy for....I'll take a gift card to Starbucks! ;P ......Did I just say that?!
Anytips for the hard to buy person...please let me know...besides a gift card...what would be a fun gift to open on Christmas Day????? There's someone I need to buy for (I can't give it away - they may be reading this) and I'm fresh out of ideas!

I've got to pick up a couple items for a few friends up here and them I'm completely done! I love how in just one or two shopping days, I get a lot accomplished! One more run and I'll be done. I enjoy this time of year, and I don't stress over the's a thrill to pick out things for others.

I've got lots of gifts wrapped and under the tree already...all in coordinating paper from looks pretty cool! :)

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I've got over 50 Christmas Cards filled out and addressed....most went into the mailbox today (I've got to pick up some more stamps, and some will be hand delivered). I didn't make them this year...I used three designs...I found some really cute ones. I kept thinking of more and more people I wanted to spread some Christmas Cheer to! :)

What do my girls love on a cold winter day? Hot Chocolate!
Host unlimited photos at for FREE! ...and it's even better with a peppermint candy cane! The girls were home today because of the very icy we had a fun day of watching some great Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa...then they left me for the afternoon playing at a friends house down the street.
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This little guy here is holding a belly full of mini candy canes instead of cookies. :) I wonder how long they'll last....

Enjoy all your Christmas preparations and traditions!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Movies

Okay, so I'm going to try and update more often....which means you're going to see a lot more random stuff! :)

Christmas Movies
There are many movies going on during the month of December....lots of old classic animations (Rudolph, Grinch, Frosty, Santa Claus, Charlie Brown Christmas, etc...) classic movies (Miracle on 31st St, Winter Wonderland, etc...) and fun newer ones (Santa Baby, Hallmark movies, Polar Express, etc...). Hopefully everyone will get the chance to watch at least one during the season...whatever floats your boat...if it's Lampoons Christmas, The Christmas Story, The Santa Claus....I hope you get the chance to watch one with a hot cup of cocoa! :)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

I love that song BTW! :) Besides the classics, two of my all time favorite Christmas songs is Baby it's cold outside, and Santa Baby! Sexy little Christmas songs! :)

Well, it's snowing already, Christmas lights are up and shining. All the Christmas decorations are up, boxes put away.....candles from my PartyLite candle party came's a happy household in PA!

I had our PTO meeting tonight, I've got a book committee meeting here at the house tomorrow night. We have our Holiday Shop at school at the end of the week which I'll be helping with. The girls will do their shopping for each other and for a few friends. So lots of stuff going on.

I had the family out and about on Sunday morning...first we went to Target to look for a star or snowflake to hang outside between the two windows upstairs. Then we were off to take pictures of the girls in front of cool buildings downtown. I didn't take any with my digital camera, all with my Rebel....they were cold and wimped out before I was done, so the roll isn't complete yet. I'll take more pictures of them this weekend then have them developed.

Here's one quick one I took with my crappy digital camera inside...which makes for a horrible shot....
I've wimped out this year and bought Christmas cards. I just don't know where I'd find the time or energy to create them this year. They're cute though so I'm happy with them. There was one more design that I completely fell in love with, but didn't buy them....I may have to go back and pick them up....every time I hear one of my two favorite songs I think of those cards. I may just have to find an excuse to go out shopping tomorrow and get them.....or Wednesday for sure, since I'll be close to that particular store after I drop the kids off at their Awana Clubs.
Oh, I picked up a cute star at Target to go on the top of the tree....the only problem is, that it's really heavy and doesn't want to stay up there! Grmppfhhhhhh..............If anyone knows of any suggestions please fill me in!!!! The cord isn't long enough to plug into the light plugs (pre-lit tree), so we've got to get another extension cord to make it light up.
The girls wanted new stockings so I picked up theirs....but didn't get Bobby and I a new one yet...because otherwise that alone would have been $50! ARggghhhhh why must everything be so expensive?!? After Christmas I'll look for a new tree skirt that's white/silver...that way the next time I decorate the tree in all silver/white/clear it will look a little more polished! :)