Sunday, February 25, 2007

Backtracking...Catherine's Birthday

Some pictures from Catherine's Birthday last month. It was a Spa Girl party with a small group of girls. It was lots of fun!

As you can see, all the girls were in their PJ's for the spa party including robes & slippers. It was cute. They got to soak their feet in fizzy water, foot lotion, pedicures & manicures and a facial. They ate fruit & granola yogurt parfaits, later they had pizza, cupcakes & ice-cream. Oh, and the fizzy fruit punch cups were rimmed in berry sugar cyrstals.

Catherine finally got her American Girl doll that she has been wanting! :) She got Elizabeth from us, she received money from a few people, and she is planning on buying stuff for her doll. She wants to buy the AG bath tub set, a bed from target online, and coconut the dog. She doesn't have enough money for it all, so she's still trying to figure out which pieces she wants the most. :) She got lots of really nice gifts and she was very thankful and sweet to every guest.
I couldn't have pulled this party off without the help from my sister Tammy that came in for a visit, and my great friend Jenn and her daughter Britanny. They were awesome!!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Catherine's first Talent Show

I have now experienced something that many proud parents have many times before me. Seeing my first born performing up on a stage for the first time at a talent show. Yes, I'm a very proud mother! :) I can't stop smiling from the excitement from the evening! I'm just as bad as the kids! LOL :)

It was so adorable seeing Catherine and two of her friends (Samantha & Shannon) up on stage dancing to a song from The Cheetah Girls. They danced a great routine that my friend Jenn (she's also the mom to the other two girls) and I came up with for Girl Power (remix). (Click to hear a sample of the song)

Girl Power (Remix) chorus:
throw your hands up if you know that your a star

(they threw their hands up, and their legs out - making an X)
you better stand up if you know just who you are
(they "popped" back, with their hands on their hips)
never give up, never say die
(they shook their head no, and waved their finger)
girl power, girl power
(they clutched their right hand to their heart, then threw it up and out in an exaggerated motion)

During the rest of the song they turned to the side (rotating from L to R from one refrain to another), shook their hips, and threw out their hand (the one towards the audience) snapping their fingers. ....too adorable really!

They were so awesome! :) I'm waiting for my SLR pictures, because I got some really crappy ones from my digital. I did get a good shot of the girls before they went on stage though.

The audience loved them, and got a kick out of how cute they were, there was lots of chuckles, awwes, and clapping! :)

Catherine also participated in a group collaboration that the room mom put together for their classroom. They sang "If you're happy in first grade, clap your hands..." they wore white shirts, black pants, bright colored scarves/bandana's on, and a kazoo for a special stanza that mentioned their teacher! :)

It was great! A great evening! :) Our school is loaded with talented children, some kids really blew me away with their singing abilities! There were some really cute performances. I can't wait until next year!

Here are some recent pictures of the girls! They are getting so big!!!

Catherine in her Cheetah girl coat ready to go to the talent show (with glitter in her hair and make up on)!