Thursday, September 21, 2006

I smell FALL!

I bought a cute pair of new brown boots & matching purse, and a gorgeous new chocolate brown cord jacket!!!! I'm ready for FALL and I can smell it in the air!!! I'm ready for hay rides, pumpkin patches, Halloween, apples, etc... I'm normally a spring girl but this year I'm really digging FALL!

I've joined a gym...A fitness center to be exact. It's exclusively female, has a ton of classes, modern equipment, hot tub & sauna room, spa & nail salon, smoothie bar...It's exciting!!! It's the first health club I've joined. I lost 12 lbs before I joined just by altering my eating habits and working out at home & getting on our treadmill. My clothes fit so much better (I can wear a few tops that I almost gave away to charity earlier this year....I'm so glad I hung on to them!) and I FEEL GREAT most importantly! I got my best friend to join too, so we car pool and encourage each other...We go 5 days a week M-F, I'm really proud of ourselves because we've really been sticking to it. I've lost weight in my face and arms which makes me feel great. I can't wait until I shed more pounds off my belly and thighs...But I'm not discouraged. It's taken a few years to put on the weight and I know it won't come off in just months.

The girls are doing great. Abby gets to play with friends while I'm at the gym, they have their little mini classes (Tumblin' Tikes, Pee-Wee Yoga, and Jr. Jam), as well as her play group while I have MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), both girls have their church club AWANA on Wednesday nights. Catherine's been busy with her Brownie group, Soccer practice and games, and 1st grade!

Bobby's doing really good too, he's lost 25 lbs so far, and hitting the gym a lot, I can see & feel his muscles again (just like when he was in the Army......So sexy!). :)

The exciting news? We're going on a trip to Baltimore...Just the two of us! :) YEAH!!!! I've really been looking forward to it. We're staying at a really nice hotel, planning on taking a cruise of the inner harbor, perhaps hit a few clubs! :) The only down side is this week we both got hit with sinus infections...So hopefully we'll both feel better by this weekend. I already feel better, just not 100% yet. I'm up to 80% so that's manageable! ;)

School is going great for Catherine, she's made some great friends. The PTO is keeping me very busy, but I'm really enjoying it. The new principle was impressed with how well we handled the all school picnic especially considering that two of us were new in our positions (the President & Secretary, which we were mostly responsible to pull it off).

After MOPS today, I gave away a couple Halloween costumes (lady bug & bumble bee), snow pants, toddler clothes and some toys...It felt so good to give them to someone I know will appreciate them! It also feels good to free up space in our house! :) A couple weeks ago, I organized the hall closet with Bobby's help (so much camping stuff!)....We bought those vacuum seal bags (LOVE THOSE) and now it's so organized plus lots of extra space!!!!!! Wohoo that's a good thing!