Friday, July 12, 2013

Thankful for Music & Band

Catherine is getting ready for her first year of Marching Band. She has already participated in the Spring Mini-Band Camp, and this coming week is the Summer Mini-Band Camp and next month will be the long day Band Camp. It costs $ to participate but it it well worth every penny. She has already improved her playing (she's had a lot of fun with School Band, & Jazz Band - but playing while marching is a whole new element & skill). She memorized her music & played in the Memorial Day parade with the Marching Band and had a great time.

Music is such a wonderful thing and we're excited that she's part of something big. She did a fundraiser where it was 100% donations that goes into her account to help cover the $300 fees to play. Later we'll be raising funds for the band trip to Disney. I don't have the $900 so I'm thankful for fundraisers & for friends & family that support her.

I used Shutterfly to include her thank you note with photos that I have of her with her trumpet since we have several generous donations. I'm on their mailing list, I was able to get these for a steal! I love shutterfly..I'm getting the shutterfly-bug to create another photo book soon.

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