Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Family Movie Day

We went with friends and saw Curious George on Monday when everyone had off work/school. It was so cute, and the music was really good for an animation. Abby fell asleep and missed the first half, I tried my best to wake her up, but she would have nothing to do with it. So she had a great $6 nap! :) LOL When she did wake up, she enjoyed the movie (so we'll be renting that DVD!)

It was so cute watching Catherine enjoying the movie (she was sitting between 2 of her friends) her little laugh was just too adorable!

We also spent presidents day watching the marathon on the History Channel (which is probably the same shows they air every year at this time!....and we watch them every DH is a history buff! :) LOL).

I think for the moment we're all healthy! Yeah!!!! I didn't think I'd be able to say that this month! :) It's been a rough year so far! :) Nothing too serious though. No new info on the lump...I'll update anything new (I need to set up an appt with my ENT) as I find things out.

I hope everyone is doing fine this February morning! I've got to prepare for my Famous Artist presentation at Catherine's school this afternoon! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sister's Weekend

LOL, I "cartooned" us! :)

Angelia wasn't there, but the sisters....Teresa, Tammy, Rebecca, Heather & Sherri

(Afton, my niece is pictured in the 2 pictures above, in the light pink sweater)

I had a fabulous time at my Sister's Weekend! I have us in order by age above (although Sherri and I are twins, I was born first).

Teresa (& Afton, her daughter) picked us up from the airport. We went out to lunch, then we went to pick up Rebecca. We did some shopping, then went back to Teresa's house for pizza. We played games and got loud and crazy. :) We stayed up really late (ahem...5:30am) talking and catching up.

Saturday we took some pictures, went shopping again, went out to eat then to a comedy club then to a casino (I did a dollar in the nickel slots, and one in the quarter slots...I only earned a few credits....I watched a little play on the roullete table and the craps table). Oh, late Sat night we played the converstation cards...where cards ask a question, and we each answer honestly. Very Interesting.

Sunday....what did we do? Let's see....I think we hung out around the house. We ended up playing games again. Rebecca's kids came over for a bit, too. I'm forgeting something I'm sure.

Monday...was the day we all headed back home. We packed up and went to the airport. There was a slight problem with my return flight. First class was boarded then deplaned. I'm not sure what happened, but 15 min later we all boarded.

Monday evening my family picked me up from the airport. It was so nice to get away and visit with my sisters, but you know it's so wonderful to get home to my family. :) I love them so much!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's February!

Today is my sister's Birthday too! :) Happy Birthday Rebecca!!! I'll get to see her and two of my other sisters next weekend in Michigan. We're having a Sisters Weekend, we haven't had one in about 2 years.

I've found a lump. It's not on my neck where my last one was, but down near my collarbone. I'm trying to get a Dr's appointment. I'm really getting purturbed with the office we use. They don't answer until after 8:30, nor during the lunch hour, and obviously the don't after they close at 5. When you're busy, it's really hard to get a call through. I've called 3-4 times...I got thru twice, but I was placed on hold forever! Then, something would happen so that I had to get off before they ever got to me. I'll try again on Monday morning.

This week is going to be so busy. I've been helping with the schoolastic book fair, I've got to do my "room mother" duties and make a ton of calls getting ready for the Valentines party at school. :)

I've got to make sure the house is in perfect condition for me to leave for my trip. I'll be flying out Friday morning and returning Monday night.

Catherine's been wanting a video game system since she's 6 (LOL). With her birthday money she bought the Game Cube and Madagascar game. :) So unfortunatly we're a video game family now. :( I guess it's all about monitoring the amount of time spent on them (just like tv, computer, etc...) because we certainly will know what games she'll be playing. She's so excited though, it's really cute! Bobby went to blockbuster and rented a couple games, so he's enjoyed it too! :) LOL

I jumped in with playing Cubis 2...I love it! Bobby teases and says I'm a "low brow" video gamer! :) LOL Oh well, that's about the only type of video games I like...the puzzle type.

Catherine got a round of pink eye (will all 4 of us be healthy together ever again? A mild winter is great except for too get sick so often, and we'll have soo many bugs during the summer)

I went shopping and got a few clothes. I got a couple really cute tops from Old Navy. I also got a pair of brown slacks from Hechts. I'd really love to find a pair of black pants with the pink pinstripe...or the brown pants with pink pinstripes. I was also hoping to find an argyle luck though. I'm really happy with what I found though. :)

So Survivor is back on!!! :) Happy about that! :) I've finally watched 2 consecutive American Idol shows too. I'm going to really try and watch this season.

We have church in the morning...then Bobby's going to Lowes to pick up our laminate flooring (yeah, so that means we'll be having another project sooner rather than later), I have to go to the grocery store and pick up items for my salsa that I'll be bringing to our friends (Tom & Laura) for a superbowl party. Go Stealers!

I hope you all have a great weekend!