Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well, so far (all two days) work has been great. I'm really enjoying it. It was funny, yesterday I came home and said to Bobby "I think it's wrong to be so happy to be working again, but I can't stop smiling from ear to ear". I can tell you however, that I'm glad I don't go in until 9:30 (which for me, means that I try to be there 10 to 15 minutes early) because it gives me time in the morning to get ready and spend some time with the girls. I'm still not sleeping well at night, so I'm glad that I get to sleep in until 7 or 7:30.

My goal is to keep the downstairs nice and clean and keep laundry up to date and not get behind (which I'm starting at being behind...but I have goals to be better). Both girls rooms are nice and clean because I helped them get them nice and clean. Abby's room is gorgeous right now (minus the carpet which we didn't get replaced yet) with her new additions of furniture. Catherine's room has always looked cute, but she'll get a redecorated bedroom for her birthday too.

I'd like for us to sell this townhouse or keep it and rent it out, while we buy a new larger house next spring but I'm not sure that that will happen. It may be more like next fall or the following year. I'm hoping that we won't come dependant on my salary and that we can pay off bills, and create a bit of savings. Then my salary could be used to pay this mortgage while we do the house transition if it doesn't sell right away.

Abby's birthday was great! I'll post pictures later when I have more time (they're still on the CF card).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's been busy

Friday - Bought a new suit, Texas Hold'em Game at friends
Saturday - Abby went to her best friends birthday party, Went swimming
Sunday - Relax
Monday - New Haircut, Job Interview
Tuesday - (TODAY) Library Event; Received Job Offer/Accepted
Wednesday - School Library Event, Prepare for PTO Planning/Budget Meeting, Watch Batman movie at the IMAX theater
Thursday - PTO Planning/Budget Meeting
Friday - Prepare for Abby's birthday
Saturday - Abby's birthday party, Cousins house to watch boxing
Sunday - Relax hopefully - clothes shopping
Monday - First day at my new job!

Yes, a new job! I had an interview yesterday, and today I got the call that they would like to hire me. I'm an office professional again! Yeah! :) So now I need to go buy some new clothes.
Of course with me being the PTO President I'll be busy trying to juggle everything. The great thing about this job is that it's part-time, so I'll be able to put the girls on and get them off the bus everyday. Having to work only 5 hours each day will free me up so hopefully the house won't get burried in laundry! :) I'm really excited about this, I'm so happy it came together so well. This was our plan, once both girls were in school I'd go back to work. The job can turn into full time whenever I'd like for it to go that way too. So that's really a bonus! It's a small office, almost everyone has young kids so they understand snow delays, sick kids etc...

Abby's birthday is Angelinia Ballerina. I wanted to do a party somewhere else and just pay for it, but she wanted a home party....so that just means more planning/work for me. Which normally I go all out planning elaborate games and such, but I just haven't done it this time. I wanted to hire someone to teach the kids a small ballet performance but that never came together. I'll figure something out before Saturday!

PTO meeting - I could cop out and just purchase refreshments but I feel like baking something....so I'll go and pick stuff up. It's been awhile since I've made appetizers and desserts.

I ordered these prints from shutterfly (14 page mini album of 5x7 prints using a premade kit by dani http://www.designbydani.com/ which I altered a little), which would entitle me to get a free 8x8 bound book that I have to redem by Aug 1st...so I've got to make some good pictures and get some scrapbook pages created. I was impressed with their prints, so looks like that's what I'll do from now on. I just never make it into stores to print off pictures, and goodness knows I'd kill my printer! Anyways...I don't see a code for the 8x8 so I'm hoping they have it in their system or something.

I'm happy! :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Well, we took the girls roller skating one afternoon. Catherine tried the roller blades but couldn't handle them, so we had them changed to the quads. Abby is our rough and tumble girl that jumps in her skates (princess over the shoe skates) at home and skates around. So with the "fast" skates and the slippery floor the skating was more challenging. I was really proud of the girls though, they skated for a long time. Abby would skate awhile then go "rest" on the bench. Catherine, bless her heart, never gave up...she skated, she fell, she got back up and skated some more. Bobby skated till his feet hurt. I had a blast. I used to love going to the roller skating rink when I was younger and I had my very own pair of skates...white with hot pink wheels! Our parents would let us skate in the house, we had wood floors, and it we skated around the stairs and fireplace, around the island in the kitchen and in the basement...it was great! Once the crowd thinned out (once 2 large groups left) I was in my prime. I skated my heart out. I skated that oval rink like it was only yesterday that I skated. I had forgotten that you could turn the 'corner' several different ways. It was great! The best part was that I didn't fall down and my muscles didn't hurt afterwards. :)

We went to Hershey Park. It was fun. We hit every roller coaster (oops, no we didn't, we missed the comet) including the new Fahrenheit. Catherine was brave and rode 3 roller coasters...the SOOPERDOOPERLOOPER, Trailblazer and the LIGHTNING RACER . She attempted to ride the Wildcat but had to have them unlatch her seat and let her off (Bobby was sitting by her and got off with her...he doesn't like that one much anyways because it jerks you around a lot). It was a lot of fun, we were there from 11am to 10:30 pm we saw fireworks too, because it was July 5th. I tried to scan in the photos we purchased...but I can't get it to work right, I'll have Mr. Computer Wiz look into it for me. :)

Now I'm just working on house stuff and PTO stuff...getting ready for the upcoming school year. I've picked up stuff for Abby's 6th Birthday party. It's an Angelina Ballerina theme, I'm looking into getting someone to teach the girls a few ballerina moves at the party. It should be fun.

I haven't been sleeping good. I'm not sure what's going on, but I seem to dream all night long. I toss and turn and I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in over 2 weeks. I'm exhausted. What's kinda weird is that I dream about my Dad almost every night. I miss knowing that he's not at home holding the table down (he always sat at the head of the dining room table, with his arms propped up). He was never big on talking on the phone a lot. We'd do the same little chit chat, "how are you? what's the weather like? what's going on that's new?" etc... speaking of which I need to give my Mom a call and see how she is doing.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The world goes on...

I've been really strong....but sometimes I catch my breath and I'm shocked that the world is just going on as normal. Nobody really knows what you're going through, do they? Like when you're out and about doing the every day tasks that you have to do because you have a family that depends on you. The people that you run into...correction, the strangers that you meet every day, never know what you are going through.

I have to say that I am truly amazed at my daughter Abby. She was so thoughtful and kind (beyond what I ever thought she could have been) while we were in Kentucky. It was as if she sensed that my Mom, her Nana needed some extra love. Abby continually told her that she loved her, thought that she was so kind/nice/pretty/sweet. It was so endearing to witness that. As it turns out, Abby was the only one that told the gentleman that spoke at my dad's funeral that she appreciated what he said she saw him at the Wake (for lake of the southern term...I'm not sure what we call it....where you go to the church that the person attended and had a wonderful meal and had time to socialize with the people that knew/loved/missed your loved one) Abby in her sweet little 5 year old way said "Thank you for the nice things you said about my Papa". It touched me, and it touched him as well (he was my Dad's best friend growing up as a boy).

(Here are our little nieces and nephews from us 4 younger girls)

It was nice seeing so many people when I went back to Kentucky. Besides seeing my sisters and Mom, I had the chance to catch up with several cousins and different people that I respect from "the meeting" (church) that I went to when I was younger. We spent the last day at the park where we spent so much time when I was younger, Columbus Belmont State Park. It's a Civil War battlefield, filled with many self guided trails, over looking the Mississippi River.

So, this week, I've just emmearsed myself into working on our family tree. When I went home a few months ago I asked my Dad to list the names of all his family that he could remember. From that, I have entered this information into the family tree program with http://www.myfamily.com/ where we have a family site. As I entered information, I found links to where others have already done some research. One family strand goes as far back as 1530! It's amazing! On the otherhand, there are several strands where I've reached brick walls. I need to really learn how to research things..using all the free information available first. I found some information on my own and that was so thrilling!!! I just hope that I find the work that some family members have already created because that would save me so much time and effort.