Sunday, October 23, 2011

College Football

I never thought I'd say this, but I LOVE watching College Football. A few years ago I started watching the Bama games with Bobby, and I'd watch some Penn State games with Catherine (most of her teachers are HUGE fans). Last year I started really learning about it, which makes watching the game so much more interesting.


This year, has been a real exciting season for Alabama. At this point they've won every game they've played. I'm nervous for the LSU game on Nov 5th. For now, I'm enjoying watching my favorite players: McCarron (10), Richardson (3), Maze (4), Lacy (42) & Hightower (30).

We haven't had a real direction for Bobby's man cave in the basement. So I now have inspiration of painting the walls crimson red, he can build his bar in a nice dark wood, I want to get some prints framed and I want to accent with some touches of houndstooth print (made famous by Bear Bryant). Which I love the classic print anyways.

Here is a little inspiration that I've found online:

I like how in this room they used the houndstooth as a border.

Everybody loves a barstool with a back on it, so I'll be searching for ones like theses. If I can't find them, I can certainly ulphoster some to make them look chic like these guys;

Of course our littke Cookie would look adorable sporting a cute little houndstooth jacket to help cheer on the team!


Bobby Scott said...

Love your taste!

Becca said...

That's gonna be the most stylish man-cave ever :)