Saturday, February 11, 2012

Painting a basement floor

Oh Yes we are! So we've been working in the basement. The carpet has been removed. The floor has been scraped. We swept, vacuumed, swept & vacuumed again. Bobby used all kinds of chemicals to try and remove as much as the glue & carpet foam that remained, and we swept & vacuumed again and again. The floor was as smooth as we could get it. It's not perfect....but it's a basement! Let's be real.

We pulled out the paint that we bought at Lowe's. We got the black porch & floor paint, and started painting!

 It's kinda fun painting a floor. It's different than painting the ceiling or the walls.

Even when the floor was dry, the paint didn't take perfectly....but that's okay! We have a solution for that!

We'll be adding a hounds-tooth pattern with the aid of a large stencil that was purchased online. We have it, we just haven't worked on the basement in I'll show more progress pictures as we continue.

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