Friday, February 24, 2012

Talent Show 2012

Abby participated in the talent show again this year. This year she danced to a song with a friend to Aqua's I'm a Barbie Girl. I created Barbie Boxes from a shipment of bar stools that arrived in January for our Basement make over.

1st Grade: Roller Skated to Fergie's song Clumsy
2nd Grade: Roller Skated to Taylor Swift's song Love Story
3rd Grade: The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs (from the Wolf's Point of View) skit
4th Grade: Dance Routine to Aqua's song I'm a Barbie Girl.

If you're a friend of mine on Facebook - you can see past Talent Show performances here (it will open in a new window) Be sure to click the 2nd page for even more videos.


At first I thought that the stage crew (a few middle school volunteers that did a great job) that brought out their props didn't align Abby's box up right, but it's only the view from the angle that I was sitting at. Abby's box really isn't set extremely far to the right - as you'll see if you watch the video.  

The girls did a great job and they had so much fun doing it. I was really proud of them. Abby's friend was a bit nervous, this was her first time up on stage but she did great!

Catherine sat in the middle & video taped the performance for me. - thank you Catherine!

Abby my awesome 4th grader!

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Lovely post this looks fun thanks for the video..