Sunday, February 26, 2012

Color Me Mine Update & Local Treasurers

Well we finally got our pieces back that we painted last Saturday. It was an expensive day out last week, but it was fun to do with the time hopefully I'll have my coupon with me. They were ready on Wednesday, but it was a super busy week, so it wasn't until Saturday that we picked them up.

Here they are in all their glory!
Catherine's Flying Pig Bank

Abby's Heart Shaped box

Bobby's two-toned mug Grey inside and Cobalt's darker blue in real life.

My Grey Bubble Mug. The inside is grey, then the outside was painted white, then using a bubble technique with black paint created the bubbles. I painted the handle and my heart "logo" with the grey but several coats for a darker image. 

After we picked up the ceramic pieces Bobby and I went to the Antique Marketplace that we love. I came home with a few goodies.

I love the old enamel refrigerator boxes. This was the first time I saw them this small. I have a large on on the back of the toilet upstairs in our bathroom that is perfect storage. These will hold Cotton Balls and Cotton Swabs perfectly!

I love the old yard sticks, and this one is pink & black...and it even mentions a passion of mine - Purses! I want to pick up a black & white one next time I find one, these will look cute whenever I start to work on changing the family room (aka home of mis-matched furniture) into an office/craft room.

As for the billiard balls they are for my apothecary jar...It was time to take the Christmas ornaments out and insert something else....I'm a gamer so these are perfectly fitting. Next would be old dominoes or dice ;)

But here were some other lovelies that we spotted at the Antique Marketplace that I just love.

Here is a croquet set, like I've never seen before. Look at those trendy colors! The mallets were larger than the ones they make now. I really wanted this.  

Then of course the Coco-Cola cooler.....I'm seriously drooling over this one. I want it!

I love these pieces, they were really calling my name. They touch my French and my Irish roots! I love the Fleur-de-lis and the Trefoil...oh how beautiful they'd look with my collection.

I picked up the billiard balls from one of my favorite Shabby Chic corner...but I didn't take any pictures...I guess because I was giddy with finding them for only $8!!! It wasn't a complete set, but when they're stored in the apothecary jar, I knew it wouldn't matter.

So on to my other favorite dealer (which gave me a mild panic attack when his corner was empty - but he moved his spot to one large corner of the store)....Get ready to do some drooling if you love, love, love old finials, windows, gates, grates and the like!

I finally met him and got his card. He has an entire warehouse that can be viewed by appointment.

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