Friday, May 25, 2007

You're not a chef!

" You're not a Chef"

by Heather Scott

Stay out of the kitchen,

you are four!

You're not a chef,

you're not a cook,

you are four!

Stay out of the kitchen!

If Abby isn't playing in her room, or digging in the dirt outside, you can find her climbing up on the stool searching for a snack in the pantry! This kid has gotten addicted to eating raw pasta (yuck!), mixing her own concoctions of different cereals, etc... I find myself saying all the time "get out of the kitchen".

Today, I found her rooting around again for a snack, and in a sing song way I came up with the "stay out of the kitchen".... :)

Dress like me

77 days until I'm 30 - which is neat since I was born in 77! :)

At Catherine's school, the student council gets to come up with several "Fun Fridays", they've gotten to wear slippers to school, bring in board games, dress like a hippie, etc... Today was dress like an adult. Catherine wanted to dress like me, and told me that she planned on wearing pajamas to school! What?! No Way! I don't wear pajamas all day! I'm very busy while she's at school! Okay, there have been a few days during the cold winter months were if I didn't go anywhere I did stay in my PJ's all day (they were marvelous days too!) :) LOL

After a little convincing, she did wear an outfit that looks like something I'd wear. I told her that she's have to wear her sunshades as a headband, because that's how my shades end up throughout the day! :) She looked so cute, I snapped a few pictures and did a quick digi page of her. :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy time

Isn't he so cute?! I'm married to him! :)

The school year is almost over. Catherine has her field trip to Zoo America this week, both Bobby and I will go along as chaperone's. Last week we had the Kindergarten curriculum meeting. When C was in K last year they had 31 anchor words they had to learn, Abby will have to learn 62 words. It's amazing how much they learn. They go to school knowing their ABC's but complete the year knowing how to write sentences and reading books - just amazing!

Well, I voted in to be the President of our PTO. I'm excited, I know it's a lot of work, but there is a great team in place where a lot of parents are committed to help make the school a fun and safe place.

I begged Bobby to take some pictures of me. I don't have any good ones of me since I've lost some weight. LOL So here are a couple...(these are my favorite two pictures.....out of 10 if you must know Sherri!) :)

I'm sporting a pair of Old Navy slacks...size 10 (the size I was when I got married). I can wear 8's in skirts...but in pants they're a bit snug on my I have more work to go! :) I did get a pair of 9/10 in Express Jeans last week.

Not my favorite but here's another one...

Our friends girls were over for the weekend. They were so good - they were so polite, well mannered, they got a long well and frankly the put up with Catherine better than they should have. Catherine had some issues this weekend, she was overly sensitive which made her whiny, and unpleasant to be around. I don't think she likes to share her parents!

It was a busy weekend...Friday was a movie & pizza night. Saturday morning we went out for breakfast, had Catherine's tennis game, we went out to lunch, then we came home and the girls played outside (hula hoops, jump ropes, tennis, bike riding, etc...). Bobby made his famous stove popped, popcorn that the girls ate up in there room while watching another movie (big treat for the girls....I also pushed both their twin beds together, so they had a king size bed to lounge on!).
Sunday morning Bobby made chocolate chip pancakes with redi-whip cream, I made a fresh fruit salad, two of the girls had a birthday party to go to at the bowling alley. (Brandon's birthday, the little boy who came over to play with Catherine a few weeks ago...they were BF/GF in kindergarten ;0). Afterwards Jake & Becky came over then we all walked over to the Greek Food Festival (Youssou! Oppa!). We had to rush off to church - for the Awana awards ceremony. Catherine and Abby both got rewards for all the work they did all year with the program - memorizing verses and all. Abby fell asleep, but popped up once clapping - instead of sleep-walking, she was a sleep-clapper! :)

It's another week, and it will be a busy one!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was a really nice Mother's Day. I woke up to Catherine bringing me coffee (Starbucks Breakfast blend - one of my favorites), shortly after that she and Abby brought me breakfast in bed. Bobby and the girls made pecan pancakes from scratch. Catherine gave me the gifts that she made for me at school and girl scouts.

I came downstairs and the girls gave me the gifts they picked out by themselves while they were shopping for me. Abby got me a purple butterfly pillow (yes, she's 4 - LOL) and Catherine got me some metallic pink nail polish. Then they gave me the gift that Dad helped them pick out for me; Estee Lauder's skin essentials to go. It was all so sweet and thoughtful. Oh, and they gave me the remote so that I could choose what we watched on tv! :)

It was so beautiful outside yesterday too. Bobby fixed the tires on Catherine's bike and took her training wheels off. He held it steady for her and ran with her a few steps, let go, and she was off riding on her own. She first rode around in the grass, then we went to the smooth blacktop (it had a hill, so we didn't try long there - it was a little scary for her), next we went out in the cul-de-sac and she rode around. She did great for her first time riding a bike. She really needs to learn to consistently use her brakes instead of just jumping off the bike. She kept dumping the bike which drove me crazy, she'd try to just give up which drove Bobby crazy. In the end, she got the hang of it and had fun.

Later in the evening, Catherine and Abby went outside to play, we asked her if she wanted to ride her bike and she said "No, that's okay, I'm done riding my bike for the day", not 5 minutes later she came running back inside asking permission to ride her bike because her neighborhood friend Ellen came up on her bike. :) HA-HA Peer pressure at it's finest! :) She rode around in the cul-de-sac with Ellen and Abby all on their bikes - it was great.

-Tennis is going great, right now the Deuces are winning 9-3 (well, I don't know what 1 other teams score's are, it could be close, last week they were 7-2 if they won all three sets then they'd be in the lead). The kids are improving so much each week and they're having so much fun which is what matters the most.

-Tonight is our last PTO meeting of the year. I'm glad it will be the last minutes that I'll need to type up! :) Our President is stepping down, she and her husband are having a new baby so she'll be busy with a newborn next year. I was nominated to be President. At first I was apprehensive and wasn't sure if I wanted the position but after thinking about it I accepted. I'm looking forward to it and the positive role I can play. The RIF committee I've been on this year is in a transition period as we're losing our RIF funding so I've been busy doing lots of research trying to figure things out, so I can share options tonight.

----------Survivor Talk Ahead....if it's sitting in your DVR then skip over--------

I had to laugh at myself as we watched the last episode last night. I was practically yelling at the tv. I had no real problems with Boo and thought he played a pretty decent game (Wow, that man cleans up nice too!), but what drove me crazy was that Cassandra was there at the end - she just completely coasted and didn't deserve to sit at the final 3 (I knew that would happen too, I called it early on in the show). Dreamz....huh, do I even need to say anything?! It made me so angry that he went back on his word. I realize it's a game, and people go back on their word all the time....but not at the cost of a brand new loaded truck!!! How in the world can you take something like that from someone and not go through with your promise. How can he drive that with a free conscious? I feel really bad for YouMan - I would have hoped that Dreamz would have said, look I want this immunity necklace but you can have the truck back. *Sigh*
I wanted to see YouMan and Earl as the final two because they played the game really well. I was glad to see that Earl won, he seems like a really nice guy. It was a shame that the 4 Horsemen got broken down It would have been fun to have seen them in the finals (with the exception of Dreamz - he could have been voted off a long time ago).

Thursday, May 03, 2007

100, 99,...

So, I've been using the countdown on my google homepage,
and the yesterday when I realized that I only had 100 days left in my twenties, I decided to change my attitude. I'm going to see how much I can acomplish in the next 100 days! :) LOL At the very least, enjoy and soak in the next 99 days! :)

I've still been going to the gym a lot and watching what I eat. Since last September I've lost over 30 pounds and have kept it off. In the last couple days I've gotten a lot of compliments from people about it which really makes me feel good! When I don't feel like working out I just think about how nice it is to have all this extra energy and loose fitting clothes. I've dropped a few dress sizes which is a nice is fun - but expensive! Swim suit season is upon us...and I'm not completely happy about my tummy and thighs. So, these are my target areas to work on. Having goals is a good thing - right?! :)

My hair was a nasty dark red - which I changed tonight basically now I've got lighter red hair. Which looks better. I tried to take some pictures so please ignore my HUGE nose! :) LOL Anyways, it looks something like this (different light, different shade - you know the drill):

Other news: I took Abby for a visit to her Kindergarten classroom, to meet her teacher & principal(although, she's already meet them and knows them well, since she goes with me to the school all the time for PTO stuff.) and to see some other new kindergartners.

We had a meeting with our home owner association, and we get to replace all the roofs of our town houses out of the reserves with no additional cost to us! (Huge Who-hooo for that) Now the neighborhood will look great with all new roofs and no lacing of shingles. Which means our property value will go up. :)

Catherine got to go to work with her dad for the "Bring your son & daughter to work" day. It was a long day, with them getting up at 5:30 am. I sent them each off with a travel mug, hot cocoa for Catherine and Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee for Dad. She wanted to wear her dress from Limited Too that she wore for the first day of school, she had her nails done, hair all fixed and she was feeling pretty! Dad reported later that she was full of energy and having a great time. They went to eat at TGI Fridays, she got to have a tour, she got a monkey and other little goodies. She had to write a report about her day and turn it in for school.

I'm still very busy volunteering at Catherine's school. Today I went in and hung art from two different classrooms out in the hallways preparing for their open house next week. Speaking of next week, we have a book distribution which will keep me at the school for 2 days. I'm so glad that I'm able to go and help out a lot at her school. It's great getting to know all the kids in her class.

Yesterday, Catherine had one of her good friends over to play, which was a boy. They played so well together. He had the best manners too, his mom would have been so proud! They wanted to have a sleep over - luckily it was a play date in the middle of the weeks, so a simple answer of "no, it won't work you have school tomorrow - it's a school night" worked (for now). :)

This weekend, we have Catherine's tennis game and then a party to go to. Catherine's friend and our neighbor is having her Holy Communion party. :)