Friday, June 29, 2007

New York City!!!

New York City Day Trip! Saturday June 23rd 2007

Manhattan...Time Square, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, Park Ave, Broadway, NBC Studio...what a wonderful day!

Jenn and I hit the streets of NYC and had such a fabulous day!!! We arrived with tons of energy, we walked everywhere and saw so much! Tons of shopping, lots of stores, lots of sites!

Highlights include Sax on Fifth Ave, American Girl Store, Couture, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Prada, Bloomingdale's, New York & Company...and so much more!

We viewed the city by going into the Rockefeller Plaza "Top of the Rock" what an amazing view!!! I highly recommend this it was well worth the $16. GORGEOUS VIEW!!!

We ended the day with a cocktail at the Crown Royal Plaza before heading back to PA. Thanks to our wonderful husbands for staying back home watching the kids, we got to enjoy our day in the city!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A couple photos from today...

Well, Abby had her last lesson today. She really enjoyed her swimming lessons, she was the only girl in the group but that didn't phase her a bit!

Catherine working on a Sudoku puzzle (she's kidnapped my book!).

--Well we've had a busy few days, lots of trips to different libraries and parks, lots of fun, fun, fun! We've got an extra kid in tow this week so we've been busy!!! Selena has been here for the week, while her parents are with their parents at the hospital.

Look that these cute shoes!!! I love them! I got a pair for Abby, and Catherine loved them so we got her a pair too! :) What's funny is there's a story behind these shoes. While working at one of our book distributions a kindergartner had on a pair of really cute striped shoes. I tried to figure out who made them by the label, but not being a huge shoe expert I couldn't figure it out. The teacher asked the girl to take her shoe off so I could see inside it for the label (much to my dismay it didn't say) Oh well I thought, tough luck! Well....last week when we were at Toys R' Us I found them! :) LOL I was looking for a pair of shoes that Abby could wear because at the playground she trips in sandals so I wanted a pair of canvas shoes or something of the kind and ou'la! There they were!!! A ton of them hanging up, so I grabbed her a pair! When we meet up with Bobby and Catherine she instantly wanted a pair too! :) Turns out they were on sale, so they were only $6! Not to shabby!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

We all got up, got showered and got ready for church this morning. Bobby made pancakes for everyone (I was planning on making breakfast, but he did it anyways....he enjoys spoiling the girls with his yummy pancakes too!) then off we went for church. We went out for lunch, he invited one of his friends from church along. The kids had their own booth, (BTW we've got an extra kid in tow this week - her parents are away due to a family illness) which they thoroughly enjoyed. We went shopping and we both got new swimwear at Target, and did some bulk shopping at Costco's. Then we headed home where he got to nap, the kids played outside on their bikes/scooters.....all in all it was a great day!


My new toy is on it's way! I'm getting the Canon Digital Rebel XT (silver), I've got my 2GB memory card already....I'm on the search for the best 300mm lens, then I'll get it...for now I'll use my lens from my EOS Rebel. YEAH - I'm so excited!!!!! This is something that the whole family will benefit from. I feel kinda bad spending so much money on something for myself but I rationalized it since Bobby's gotten to choose a lot of big ticket items (Big Screen TV, Leather Sofa (any man's dream, since it also reclines on the two ends) X-Box 360, Weight Bench & Pulley system, etc...) Granted most of these items benefit the family...but so will the camera - right?! :)

I'm slightly bummed because I don't think it will arrive in time for our vacation to the ocean. Bobby didn't want me to take it down on the beach because of all the sand, but still there are many other great photo opps. So let's hope that my crummy digital Kodak will take some decent pictures (I'll take that one down on the sand!) :) LOL

MP3 Update. ^-^
We ordered the Hydra for Catherine, and the Pocket Candy for me...both have been returned and I'm waiting for refunds. The Hydra came with a virus (thankfully we have a great anti-virus program) and mine wouldn't even turn on (with multiple tries from various batteries).

So, we went to the stores around here (again) but Catherine didn't like any that she saw (well, the ones that we'd let her get, I didn't want her spending over $50 since she's only 7). We tried Toys R Us and we found something for her. It's a pink one (you can choose between 6 or 7 colors for the back light of the lcd screen), by Curtis. So far so good.

I think I'll just order the pink Zen Stone from Target when it's available in 4-6 weeks.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pink MP3 player & D-SLR Camera

I'm on the search for two electronics at the moment. A good digital camera...I want the Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR Camera , I trust Canon, it can share my flash, filters, and lens that I have for my EOS. I defiantly want to get the 300mm lens though! :)

I'm also searching out different Pink MP3 Players. One for myself (I wasn't thrilled with the Samsung MP3 player I had before) and one for Catherine. She actually knows more songs than I do I believe! :)

I've looked at several...there are so many are a few that I'm looking at...then I need to decide which one for Cat, and which one for me! :)

Sandisk - Bobby has a blue one...we could just buy the pink skin, and he could get a new one...

This is the one that Cat really wants, but I don't want to spend that much....Zen Video,

Sony draw back is no screen - but it's sleek and small

Hydra it's water resistant.

Zen Stone it's tiny and cute....but again no screen -isn't it cute?

Xtatix Pocket Candy Zest This looks like a nice one

I looked at the Disney Mix Stick but we won't get it...I think a standard MP3 would be better.

If anyone has any comments about them, I'd appreciate it! ;) - Thanks! Anything besides going with the ipod...I'd love one, but Bobby won't hear of it! :)

Today was an expensive day at Target! We got a toaster oven our toaster was old and not working that great - and I've always wanted a TO because it can do so much more. The girls made their own pizza's in it tonight, we broiled chicken breast for our salads, and we made caramelized cinnamon sugar toast already! :) It's a good purchase!

We also bought other things like new clothes (Catherine has been wanting a bra - yes at 7 years old this girl is still infatuated with breasts! So I obliged her, and we picked up two "flat" bras! -She's growing up too fast!), both of the girls picked out new purses in the dollar spot, etc.... I need to get Abby some new shoes soon....she's growing!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Last day of school!

Wow, it's the last day of school already! This year has flown by! It's amazing how much Catherine has grown this past year. I'm so proud of her - in her class they received a color card every day (Green = "I'm Good", Blue= "Uh-oh, I'm being a little bad", Yellow = "Uh-oh, I'm being very bad" Red = "I've been so bad") for their behaviour - she never had to change her green card - not once!!! She also behaved very well on the bus, and never got in trouble by their grumpy bus driver! :D

With it being the last day I meet Catherine at the bus stop with a "Congrats" helium balloon and a gift (pink & blue monogrammed flowered journal), and a fruit roll up snack (a treat she rarely gets)!

I went to the school to help out with the Pizza Party lunch...that the teachers provided. I brought 2 boxes of Capri Suns (100% juice) it was so HOT outside!!!! The kids were wild...I'm sure they couldn't concentrate on anything all day with it being the last day, even her teacher said he had a hard time...everyone has summer fever! :) LOL The classroom looked so bare, he's already taken things down for the summer. He had the most decorated room it was a visual delight very warm, friendly environment for sure.

Catherine - Last Day of School Interview:

Mom: What was your favorite thing about first grade?
Catherine: Being with (Teacher's Name)
Mom: What was your favorite thing about school in the last two weeks?
Catherine: Going on our first grade picnic at the park. Eating Ice-Cream!
Mom:What was your favorite subject?
Catherine: Math - the game "math-buster"
Mom: What was your favorite activities?
Catherine: Gym, playground time, playing with my friends.

Okay, I really couldn't get much information out of her.

We're going to the Harrisburg Senator's Baseball game tonight, and we're taking our neighbor/friend Ellen with I've gotta run!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The school year is almost complete!

The kids are getting ready for summer. There are many summer programs that we'll be doing - so the summer will be filled with activities and lazy days at the pool! In the meantime, there are a few more days of school.

The last two weeks have been a lot of fun for the kids...I'm not sure how much learning they've been getting though! :) They've had their fieldtrip to Hershey's Zoo America, First Grade Picnic at a park nearby, Field Day, Ice-Cream rewards (Rita's Italian Ice) and they'll have a pizza party provided by their teachers on the last day of school.