Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March is marching away...

This month is going by so quickly!

We had a great time at the B&B!!!! It was just so wonderful to get away! :)

Well, I got a fabulous Annv gift, A brand new 2006 Chrysler Town & Country Van with a lot of perks! :) I LOVE it!!!!! I've never had a brand new vehichle, so this is just too cool! :)

Oh...American Idol....I really love Chris & Kathryn...I want them both to win!!! These two are by far my favorites. Taylor Hicks just needs to go, I can't stand to look at him when he preforms...he is just such a joke! I also can't wait to see Bucky to go home. I hated to see Kevin go home, he was just too adorable, I knew he wouldn't win, but I'd rather watch him than the previous 2!

LOST is on tonight! :) It's been recorded by I'll watch it tomorrow night.

Today I mopped my kitchen floor, cleaned the kitchen (twice), cleaned the bathroom downstairs, went grochery shopping and went for a speed walk. (All this between 4pm-8pm)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New floor!

We are having such beautiful weather here. This whole weekend was just's felt like spring! It's supposed to get back down to the 30's we can't pack away all the winter clothes anytime soon.

We've been installing laminate flooring in the living room/dining room. It's harder than some people have let on! :) LOL But it looks great! We have a little more to go to complete it. It's such an improvment from the old carpet that we had! :)

While we were doing this, was the Family Fun Day at Catherine's School on Saturday...I had volunteered to help out..that morning Cat woke up sick with pink eye (where she got it this time I don't know!) so she couldn't attend (what terrible luck for her....she would've had so much fun!). Abby went with me, we worked the Kindergarten booth then Abby played a few games (we had bought tickets ahead of time, I had way more tickets than I needed, since I bought for 2...and Abby was happy after playing just 1 game!) We bought a few treats for Catherine with our tickets, cashed in our prize tickets for a few little trinkets, and then gave away all the rest of our tickets to 2 other Kindergartners that we saw.

Sunday it rained, which also slowed down the process of installing the floor (we don't have a basement or garage, so all the cutting had to be done outside). We're almost finished, and I'll tell you, it looks really good so far! :)

Tomorrow Bobby and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We're going away this weekend to a B&B which actually is a historic inn. I'm really looking forward to this, our good friends are watching the girls (they're going to have a great slumber party/birthday party).

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Keeping Busy!

  • MRI taken for my neck
  • Mailed CJ and local tax form (getting a small refund...yeah!)
  • Completed our State Taxes - efiled them!
  • 99% completed our Federal Taxes...(I have to get one more piece of info)
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • Meet with Speech therapist to discuss Catherine's "ch" and "j" sounds

I hear rumors LOL, that we have a TARGET just 30 minutes away from me! :) I've got to check it out tomorrow...I'd rather go there than Wal-Mart for the few things we needed! :)

This weekend we should be putting in our new laminate flooring. We just got a leather sofa with the two ends that recline from Lane. My husband is in Heaven! :)

This Saturday is the Family Fun day at C's school. I've got to make a cake for the Cake Walk, and man the fish pond booth for the K class.

I need to finish the last CJ. It will complete them all for me once it's done. I've dragged my feet on it and I feel so horrible about it!

Bobby and I will be celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary next week (on the 15th), we hope to get away! I'd love to do something really special, since 10's a big one! :) It's hard to believe that I was 18 when I made such an important decision. I'll tell you though, it's been one of my best! :) I love this man!!! He still makes me laugh, makes me feel great, he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. He is my best friend and I can't imagine life without him!