Thursday, January 11, 2007

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday!

I'm behind again!

Today my first baby is 7! I can't believe 7 years has passed. She is 7 going on 17 though, I might add! :) Her party is this Saturday. It's going to be fun it's a Spa Girl party. I've got my girl friend and her teenager all lined up to help me out with the manicures/pedicures/facials, etc... :)

I just made some yummy cupcakes that I'll take in to her classroom at school. She has brownies tonight (She's selling Girl Scout cookies!) which, it's our turn for snack, so I have the snacks all ready to go. It's so cold outside today, that I put the juice boxes outside to keep chilled! :)


Christmas was great. The girls were so thankful for everything they got this year. I loved their attitudes. It was very low key and we stayed in our PJ's all day (I have to admit that was really nice!) because we didn't go anywhere and nobody came over.

Oh, we got a new tree this year. It's the first time we've had an artifial tree in years! But I love it, it's from Target, a really nice pre-lit tall skiny tree! :)

I hope everyone had a great New Years!!!! We brought the new year in with friends. It was nice.