Monday, October 24, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

There are a lot of improvements that I want to do in our kitchen.

I have painted my kitchen countertops a bombay black granite. Which I will share in details on another post. The next project is to paint my cabinets.

I painted the kitchen cabinets in our townhouse (not the best picture, but you can see the white base cabinets. I plan to upload pictures of our townhouse when we had it ready to put on the market in 2009). They were white, which showed every speck of dirt. Bobby requested that I not paint these white. With my love for grey, that is the next best choice.

I want to paint the base cabinets a dark charcoal grey. Then I want to paint the top cabinets either white or a light shade of grey. I love the look of a two-toned kitchen. Grey's are a tough color to get right, so I'm struggling to find the "perfect" grey for the upper cabinets. The backsplash we currently have is cream/off white 4x4 ceramic tiles. I don't want to replace the backsplash until we replace the countertops. I want soapstone or black granite counters that fit flush to the wall, then have the backsplash reach from the countertop up to the base of the cabinets.

Here are some kitchen eye candy photos that give me lots of great inspiration!

This grey color is gorgeous, the glaze is perfect and the moldings are to die fore. I also love the 12x12 mirror set on the diagonal (so Candice Olsen).

Grey & White Kitchen w/dark floor =love

For me, this grey is off. It's to muddy & blue. It would have "sung" if it had a glaze over it. But, I like it because it shows the med grey with a black counter. I want a darker grey with my black counters. I also want the uppers to be white. However, I love how they just placed beefy moldings on the soffit to make them just blend in and look custom.

 My base cabinets may be this dark....these appear to be more of a matte black (not quiet jet black) but it's close to what I want. I just don't want black on black. Again, I love the chandeliers in the kitchen! I want two mini pendants above my island.

I love checkerboard floors (especially when they're painted on old hardwoods - so charming)

What I love about this photo:
1) grey floor paired with white cabinetry (lots of molding too)
2) open shelves are nice too
3) you don't notice it right away, but that gorgeous counter to ceiling subway tile on the stove wall is gorgeous!

Here you can see the next corner of the room and I love that little surprise pop of color on the inside of the hutch-like cabinetry. Gorgeous!!!! It's my color too! The island looks brown in the photo above, which I didn't like, but I do like how it looks like it's black in the photo below. I know it's just the lighting on the dark wood grain, but I would paint that baby black!

Again, the two-toned kitchen is haawt!!!! I love glass front cabinets & open shelves, this is a new little twist that I haven't seen before. I like the color on the base cabinet (& oven wall) but I don't know if I could commit that long to a color on the's more work than just repainting a wall!

Now, you know I love the Robins Egg color. It's the accent for my kitchen since my living room and dining room have this color. The main floor has to flow! I love the chairs below. I'm thinking I'm going to paint the island saddle stools the robins egg blue/green. This color will also be painted on the inside of my cabinets, especially the ones that we change to be glass fronts, or remove the doors on entirely.

I'm a sucker for a shabby chic...and boy does this have it!

Okay, that was still pretty wordy with it just being an inspiration post! :) What can I say, I love looking at other beautiful interiors! I look until I can find things that are close to what I envision, that way I can show others, what I "see".

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Pamela Barber said...

hia love your post want to change my chairs so came across your post LoVeLy thank you now I know I will paint my chairs....