Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tuesday Morning

I found another location for Tuesday Morning. I love the finds you can find here!

Here are a few of my favorite finds from today's visit.

This lamp is only $40 and with a fresh coat of white paint then some shabby help to rough it back up...this would a classic lamp to have...much better than Pottery Barn's price tag!

Sisal rug love happening...they had the classic color and this warmer color. Can you imagine taking a stencil and white paint or even a minwax stain to it with a big bold graphic pattern?! They didn't have a price tag on this I'm not sure how much this big bad boy was.

Mirror behind the shutter - awesome paint job to. Shabby love!

I like this bold mirror.

I like the iron faux gate on the faux vintage pieces of weathered wood....but for this I would want to find the real deal instead of a replica. I did love the big bold mirrors stacked behind them. Not to bad for $60 either.

Okay, you know my love for all things Paris...and this one is no different. but at $100....yeah, I could make my own door wall art by visiting the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and sticking on rusty iron fleur-de-lis pieces myself for much less....In fact we bought small doors to partition off our family room with slender doors - perhaps they'll get some kind of treatment on them.

Okay, I love this garden stake. If we do a few pieces of fruits or veggies mixed into our flower bed (the front yard is the only sunny spot we have) this may make me give hubby the green it would be prettier than having a wooden stake in them middle of my flower bed.

Huge candlesticks....but you know I'd want to paint them up a about attaching a bottom plate and a cloche lid.

These huge lanterns were cool. I would like these outside in the back yard, or on the front porch for some charming light.

The bottles in the back with the basket/cage was extremely cute. I also like the chicken wire baskets. They could look really chic. I just don't have space for these babies.

I loved the over sized jacks. the bunny & frog was cute...I have an over sized skeleton key like this one..however I plan on painting it white, sanding it down a bit and hanging it up as a piece of art.

Okay, these letters were all mixed up, and sold individually but I could see the words HOPE and LOVE, so yes, I stood there, and rearranged them. The H would look cute on my desk though.

I also picked up a crown candlestick holder, that I placed on my floating

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