Sunday, February 19, 2012

Color Me Mine

We each selected a piece of pottery to paint. Catherine chose a flying pig bank. Abby chose a heart shaped box with lid. Bobby chose a huge mug, I chose the flared mug.

I painted the inside Battleship grey, the outside Snowflake White, 3 coats each. I didn't plan on putting that little hear on the mug but then I had the thought "You know, all designer pieces has their logo on this clearly needs my logo on it. I sign my artwork with a heart, (which I had already painted on the bottom of the piece with my initials) so I placed my logo on my mug. Then I was able to do a really cool treatment.


The glazing is completed.....and now we wait for 4 days for our pottery to be ready.

UPDATE: See end results here.

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