Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Activities Abound

See the cute little pumpkins Mom got the girls!? They're filled with mini cupcakes.

Tuesday night my Mom and I took the girls to the Hershey Outlets...after a little shopping and eating a quick meal...the kids got to go on a "Spooky Egg Hunt". We have never done this before, but it was really nice.

They roped off sections for the different age groups between 0-10 years. The girls got so much candy it's ridiculous...infact I added it to the basket that we'll use to hand out candy for trick or treaters.

Catherine was a Cheerleader and Abby was a Lady bug...Catherine was cold in just her now she'll wear the Tigger costume for trick or treat night.

Catherine actually has 3 costumes this year! Cheerleader (stuff we had for dress up basically), Kitty-Cat (costume I made) & Tigger (given to us by our friends).

Today is her fall party at school (which I've planned, and will head up today), all the kids come in their costumes and and have a parade then have their classroom parties. ---->Catherine will be a black kitty-cat.

Tonight just happens to be our Trick-or-Treat night in our neighborhood. It's so COLD, Catherine will wear her Tigger costume because it's so warm!

Poor Abby just has one to wear....she could have worn some of her princess dress up...but it's just way to cold to wear it outside!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been busy!

I've decorated for fall.

My mom is here.

We're buying a new SUV.

I'm planning the kids Fall Party at school.

I'm making costumes for halloween.

Keeping my house clean.

Had 2 of my friends over for coffee & dessert.

Got a new hard drive for the laptop.

The girls are getting spoiled by their Nana!

Bobby & I will get a date night tonight! :)

And there's only 64 days left before Chrsistmas! (LOL)

Monday, October 17, 2005


I've got my living room all painted! :) Yeah!!!! It looks so classy! I love it! Now if the paint smell will fade away soon, I'll really be a happy camper! :)

I cancelled my bible study for Monday Morning. I was just feeling stressed out.

Saturday, my friend Jen was watching the girls for me so that I could paint...I was working on the second coat when her hubby came by to let me know that Catherine fell down and needed me (apprantly the phone was unplugged and all calls were going straight to voice mail).
I walked over to their house, and found her sitting there with a bandage...her eyes and nose were all red from crying. Jen told me what happened and pulled the bandage away so I could see her cut.... was above her right eye near her eyebrow line (very close to where I have 2 scars from stitches from when I fell as a kid)...she fell off their bed and got cut by a Barbie Castle Doll House. It was a bad cut, so off we went to the emergency room....

3 - 4 hours later..... :( ....... Catherine was so brave she didn't want stitches but never cried at the ER....but told the DR that she didn't want stitches (All she was imagining was her elephant that had "surgery" and had his "stitches" put in by me to repair him)...he ended up putting in liquid stitches...which is basically Super Glue! :O

She's all better now :) Yeah!!!!! But..that put a crimp in my day! to follow...

Friday, October 14, 2005

In 3 Days

  • My Mom Comes
  • I have to paint my living room,
  • I have to put the room back together again
  • I have to deep clean my house
  • I have to finish a bible study

Next Monday will be busy!

  • 6AM Bobby leaves for a business trip
  • 9:30 AM I have a Bible Study at my house
  • 1:15PM I'll be helping with Kid-Writing at Catherine's Classroom
  • 5PM I pick Mom up at the airport

This afternoon I need to make phone calls to prepare for the kids fall party at school (I'm in charge of games, craft, volunteers, snacks etc...).

Wednesday Night, Catherine and I went to her school and got her all registered for Girl she's a Daisy! :)

Last night, I went to school for the RIF (Reading is Fundamental) meeting. We came up with the theme that we'll use for the first distribution....Driven to Read...a Nascar theme. Now, anyone who knows me, know's I'm not the big fan for Nascar (a lot of my family members are though) but kids here are really into it...and it is cute. :)

I came up with the idea of getting a race car die cut, and as the kids reach their goal they get a race car...and the race cars have to reach the end of the course by the deadline. ...So, the kids will get a race car with their name on it for every 15 minutes they read a book, the car will go up on the main wall of the school down the long part of the hallway. If they reach the goal they get a big party and a free book at the end (well, all the kids get a book...but they'll get the extras like book bag, book mark, pencil, etc...). :) What fun! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Collage - Meme Challenge #14

Tenika gave us our next challenge, this time we were to create a collage and make it our own with all the little clips they offered.

Well, as you can see, I was drawn to the red and pink things! ;) This wasn't planned, just came together! :)

A few things to note:

  • Phone; well, because I talk a lot, and love to chat with friends, my sister & my mom.
  • Purse; It's pink too! I've got 2 pink purses too!
  • Chinese Characters; I actually have a few things in my house w/Chinese writings on them.
  • Timepiece; This looks like one my Dad time flies, I wish it could slow down some.
  • Laptop; I couldn't live without mine
  • Lipstick; Need I say more?
  • Window; I love windows with grids, all the windows in our house have them!
  • Mannequin Form; They look romantic...I do enjoy sewing...just not clothes though.
  • Coffee Cups; Mocha, Cappuccino, etc...
  • Antique Key; I have a few in my them!
  • Woman; Love her pink sweater!
  • Rose; Love flowers...Love Roses...but really I love pink antique roses
  • Eiffel Tower; I love Paris Motif
  • Heart; LOVE
  • Desserts; Yumm!!!!
  • Little Girl; I'm a mom to 2 of them...and this lil' one resembles Abby
  • Furniture; I'm always dreaming of new furniture I'd love to have or re-decorating our home

So all these have meaning to me! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm going to be the "Room Coordinator"! :)

I got the call, and I get to be the Room Coordinator for Catherine's class! :) Yeah!!! I'm so excited!!!! I've dreamed of being the room mom since I was pregnant with Catherine over 5 years ago! :) Yeah!!! :) My first job is coordinating the Fall Party!

On other news....I've been so busy! Busy with friends, busy with re-organizing our home, busy prepping the walls to paint, re-arranging furniture (again) :), etc...
I got the girls room cleaned back up. I also pulled everything out from the storage closet and we put in a new cabinet, new shelf and re-organized this closet yet again! A 1/4 of the stuff is still in the living room....which needs to find homes or the curb. Today I'm working on getting the living room back in place...with any luck I'll be painting the room tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the grand opening of the grocery store (GIANT) I'm excited....they have a kid zone where they'll watch your kids (ages 3-11) there's grocery vallet (they'll load your car stores used to do!)...they have those new scanners where you can scan in all your purchases as you load your cart so you know how much $ you've got in there...and other time saving things....there's a chef that prepares food there...several different cafe's and food options (italian, chinese, deli, etc...) tons of cool stuff. :)

It's rained so much here over the weekend! We went to a wedding (we were close to Maryland) was supposed to be an outdoor wedding...and they're " case it rains" plan was pretty poor. We had to sit under a somewhat leaky tent and blowing winds....since we weren't dressed to sit outside we were pretty cold. The bride & groom looked wonderful, very happy, and weren't discouraged a bit that it rained on their day. The wedding was very nice, I'm glad we were able to go. The girl that got married (her name is Heather too) is such a sweet and special girl, she was was of the teens in our youth group that we lead at our old church.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The girls room right now...

Shan, posted a picture of her son's room after a few minutes of I thought I'd share what my girls room looks like right now. Mind you, that yesterday it was just one day, lots of playing happens....and when you forget to pick up after yourself...this is what you find....

On my way out of the room, I noticed this baby that Abby had played with and so carefully put into her carrier with a bottle...

Which lead me to take a closer look around her room...I saw lots of little cute set ups where she played, then got interested in something else.

Here's Ken driving Barbie in their Jeep... And a barn full of animals and it looks like Winnie the Pooh and his friends came over to visit just as a school bus in unloading some more people (& animals).

Needless to say, I'll be cleaning their room up tonight!

This morning we went to MOPS, I invited my new friend Jennifer to go with me. She had a great time, so we'll be going together from now on. :)

I've got to run to the school and let their nurse take a look at my arm...I had the TB test/shot thing so that I could volunteer there. Then I'll come back and clean the house back up. Yesterday I had errends and baking to do all day so the house is a wreck...which is killing me, since it has been so clean for the last two weeks...and in just a matter of days it's a disaster area! I hate that! Oh keeps me busy! :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's October!!!!!

Can you believe it? October already! September just flew by! Autumn is here....the weather is just GORGEOUS...I'm loving it!

I've got my radio flyer wagon out on the front porch filled with a large pumpkin and yellow Mums. We got 5 mum plants from the boy scouts...which need to be planted (man...I forgot to water them today too...I've got to remember to do that in the morning then). I've got to find my little scarecrow too. I've got my fall leaves garland and wreath out too! :) The front of my house is looking pretty cute! :) LOL

Monday we had our first PTO meeting (well, actually the first one was held in conjunction with the family picnic and it was difficult to hear anything)...not very many parents showed up. This concerns makes me wonder just how involved most parents are at this school.

Today I went in to get my TB shot/test so that I can volunteer with the kids. I had a meeting with the teacher to go over how I can help the kindergarten kiddos :) with their handwriting. They are to draw a picture, then write a sentence about that picture (they are creating journals) sometimes they need help because they want to make a "story" instead of a sentence. Then you write out the sentence correctly beneath theirs. Then give them 2 positive remarks of how they wrote their sentence then give one piece of advice for improving it. - This is such a different way of learning than how I was taught when I was in K.

I had coffee with two friends (Jenn & Anne) today...that was nice! :) I came home to my amazon book order that I placed (it arrived early - yeah) for a bible study that a Lisa, Ruth & I do...this one is "Shepherding a Child's Heart".

Thursday I've got MOPS, which I'll be bringing a pastry for. I'll have to make it tomorrow night because MOPS is so early Thursday. We also have Childrens Clubs at church tomorrow night. I've been going to the Inner Change bible study while the kids are in their's fun. They're the ones that hosted the Murder Mystery Dinner that we went to the other week.

Oh, we went to the Apple Harvest Festival on Saturday, I brought home 1/2 a peck of granny smith I'll be doing lots of baking! :) Yeah! I LOVE apples!!! I love apple fritters...Etc... :) Yummy!!! :)

I went shopping at Target on Monday, and got some AWESOME scrapbooking goodies...Marcella by K...has such pretty papers...I got a paper pack of pinks & it!!! There was only one pack there, otherwise I may have been tempted to buy more than just one! :) I love argyle!!!! I'm so sycked that it's back!
I got a gorgeous round paper lantern for the girls room. It's from the shabby line Target has. I was hoping to find a shabby twin bed spread(s). No luck...I'm bummed. I've heard lots of others finding loads of Shabby Chic stuff....I'm hoping I'll find more on another trip later on.
I also replaced my snow-cone maker AKA ice chipper for my soda's and iced coffees! :D

Yeah, I've been busy! :)