Thursday, October 25, 2007


I love coffee! I love all things coffee too! Like cool mugs, vintage coffee adds, coffee stores, mocha's, lattes, cappucino's, etc...

I just don't drink it everyday, so that's the reason I have such a low score *sob*, *sniff, sniff*

Monday, October 22, 2007

Photo Sharing


Candied Apples....... don't they look so pretty. This is the first time I've ever made them, and actually the first time I've ever taken a bite from one (didn't want the calories from an entire one)

Dressed up for a Halloween Party, I was a sassy witch, Bobby was a warlock, Catherine was a Gothic Vampire turned deamon, and Abby was Tigger (she looked a little out of place with the rest of us, but cute none the less!)

The Halloween party that we went to was lots of fun with a hayride and haunted forest!

Here's Abby, very cute and innocent right? HA! We woke up Sunday morning to the fact that she cut her hair - all over the place, there are short spots, especially around her face (She gave herself a layer of 1/2" - 1"bangs). So I had to give her a hair cut....she now sports bangs! At first I didn't cut the back of her hair off entirely...there were a few short strands in the back....and it drove me nuts so by the end of the day I chopped off the rest to even out the back.

What a stinker! :) Today she had a fall walk and explored nature with the rest of the kindergarten class. Her first little field trip, she had lots of fun!

Catherine had her last game of cheering this last weekend. (Bobby snapped this picture while I was recovering last month - the pom-poms were on a pole directly infront of her) Tomorrow night she'll be in the parade with the rest of her squad. :) She enjoyed practices but not cheering for the actual games. She also loved doing the half time dance routine.

Abby's dance class has finished up, she learned a lot and had a great time. She really enjoyed herself so we'll put her into another class now that we know that she really has a passion for it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Halloween stuff

See Miss Bones? Isn't she cute? Did you ever think skeletons could be so adorable? Neither did I until I saw one on Holly's blog, I had to get one at Michael's and spruce her up! :) I'd like to link you to her, but she's changed blogs and that particular link no longer exists...sorry!

Anyways...the girls have their costumes. This is the first year that Catherine wants to dress up as something scary. -sigh-

This weekend we have a Halloween party to go to, there will be lots of kids, a hayride and lots of fun. I'm going to attempt to make candy apples to bring along. I've got to get the craft sticks for them, and make them tonight, so that if I fail miserably, I'll still have time to make something else! :)

Yesterday I worked on the games for Abby's school party, I've attached paperclips to lots of little treats, that the kids will "fish" for with a pole/string/magnet. There's the pumpkin bean bag toss, and we'll do a craft. I also have a little song thing that I'd like to teach them. They'll sit and clap their hands on their legs, then clap their hands together saying "Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Round and Fat. Turns into a Jack-o-lantern just like that!" and on the word "that" they'll snap their's cute! :)

Hope everyone is having a hauntingly good time preparing for all the trick or treating fun!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fun and Frivolous post

Not so frivolous, but really neat....Select a Candidate Quiz it's neat to see if they predict who they think lines up with who you think your leaning towards for the Presidental Running.
Now this is completely Frivolous! :)
You Are Rum

You're the life of the party, and a total flirt
You are also pretty picky about what you drink
Only the finest labels and best mixed cocktails will do
Except if you're dieting - then it's Diet Coke and Bicardi all the way
What's on your Must Watch TV list?
This may seem like a lot...but with a DVR, it's not (plus the bonus of never having to watch comercials anymore).
LOST which comes back in February.
Big Shots - A male version of Desperate Housewives they say
Women's Murder Club aires on Friday
Carpoolers looks funny -
Pushing Daisies I didn't watch last night...I'll have to watch it online
Hero's - one of my favorites!!!
Journeyman - I'm enjoying this one so far.
Bionic Woman - I enjoyed it, Bobby thought they could do better
Medium again, waiting for it's return
Survivor - I can't help myself
Kid Nation - finally a reality show that we can watch with Catherine and not worry
CSI: NY and Without a trace...when the mood strikes
Of course during the day the tv runs in the background to Regis & Kelly, The View, and
my dirty little secret...Days of our Lives...shhhh!
One more's a link for downloading some digital scrapbooking freebies from scrapbooks etc. I love DS freebies...and I'm always on the lookout for them! :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

I don't have lymphoma!

Yeah! :)

I made it back to my ENT today for another post-op check. The pathology results came back, and I don't have lymphoma. There are more results coming that we're waiting on which could take up to 4 weeks. So for now, we don't know what caused them to go crazy.

He had to stick me with another needle to drain it yet again, it's looking better though. I'll go back next Monday for him to check it again.

I'll leave with an Irish Proverb that I enjoy "May your home always be to small to hold all your friends"

It's October!

Saturday Bobby and I were invited to a Bon-Fire party, they had a large fire pit and it was a lot of fun.

I love the fall; the crisp air, the turning leaves, the pumpkins, fall activities, and the clothes! :)

The pumpkinfest and apple harvest festival is coming up in the next two weeks, so there are lots of fun things for the kids to do.
I've got to get my fall decorations out. I normally have them up at the begining of September, but I was so busy planning the PTO picnic, then with my surgery. Hopefully I'll get them out this week! :)
I'm starting to feel a lot better. I can turn my neck more, I can pull my shirt off easier (Bobby's had to help me - think hockey shirting without the punches to the ribs!) :) and the pain is down to 10%. The major thing that bothers me is actually my shoulder, it feels like a cross between rub burn and a sun burn. I'm really getting sick of that! LOL
Catherine had another game to cheer for on Sunday, they did their big routine for the half time show for the first time. I missed it, since I was home (I didn't feel good yesterday) with Abby. I'll take my camera to the next game and get some pictures. I also want to get some pictures of Abby in her dance class this week. Bobby has taken her the last two times, and I forgot my camera the first week.