Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Memorial Day is coming up...

I hope everyone has some nice plans. Our church is having a really nice service for soldiers and others (police, fire fighters, etc...). It always makes me proud that my husband served in the military, :) and getting the chance to be an "Army Wife" and all. :)

Each girl in Catherine's Daisy's troop wrote a letter to a soldier overseas. I scanned in her letter to save for you all to see. Incase you can't read it, it says;

"Dear Soldier, Thank you for keeping us safe from the bad guys. thank you for working hard all day. I am 6, I have gold hair. My Mommy is 28 and my Dad is 29. He used to be in the Army. I have a little sister, she's 3. (flower) I hope you have a nice day. (smily face, rainbow and flower) Catherine"

One of Bobby's sisters is retiring from the Navy this summer (I think she served 25 years). We're going down for her big retirement party. His family is so much fun, I can't wait to see everyone. Our girls are really looking forward to seeing all their cousins, Aunts & Uncles and their grandparents.

After spending time with his side of the family we'll be heading up to Kentucky for our big family reunion that us cousins have been planning.

I roped my twin sister Sherri into helping me come up with a great scavenger hunt. I'm also coming up with other games to be played inside and outside. :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fieldtrip to the Dairy

(Isn't that a cool picture?)

Thursday the Kindergarten class went on their "big" fieldtrip to a Dairy Farm. It was fun to help chaperone the trip, the kids really enjoyed it. It was great having Catherine say that I'm a cool Mom and that she was glad I was there with her! :)

After the fieldtrip, we had a picnic at the park, all parents and any younger children were invited to attend. Us chaperones each were in charge of a game at the picnic...the kids were in groups and spent a few minutes at each game spot.

It was a fun day, it started raining on our way back from the Dairy, but thankfully there was a pavilian at the park, so we stayed dry. The weather cleared up so that games were still on!

Our Kindergarten is half day, so this was a nice way for the morning and afternoon kids to meet each other; especially since 1st grade will be split up into 3 different classes.


This weekend is the Greek Festival...which you know means great eating!!! :) Yassou!!!!
I'm looking forward to eating a yummy Gyro! :)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Some pictures finally...

Last weekend, at the Senators game... The girls enjoyed funnel cake for the first time. The moment we walked into the ballpark Catherine said "I smell pancakes!" so around the 5th inning Dad took her to find her own funnel cake! :)

When the game was over, Catherine waited in a long line, and got to run the bases! She had a blast! :)

Go Green Aliens!

Today at the soccer field.....

The team was short a few players today, so all the ones who showed up got a lot of play time...and they played hard!

They are all so cute to watch!

Today Catherine got 2 goals right away, then seemed to give up...she spent to much energy I guess, all she could do was ask when it was time to eat! :) LOL

So, last night was a Girlfriends Movie & Manicure night with a bunch of ladies from our MOP Group. Jenn and I went, it was fun to do our nails...we sorta skipped out of watching the movie ('Pride & Prejudice'...or....'Everafter')..but really, who wants to waste a "girlfriend" night watching movies?! So we went into the "manicure room" and did our pedicures! :) I picked up some funky little nail stickers...LOL that was fun!

Then we went out for some coffee! Yum!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I missed NSD! :*(

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to miss out on National Scrapbook Day! :( I swear I'd forget my head somewhere if it weren't attached!
I've got to clean off my desk, and do some scrapbooking this month!
SCRAPBOOK OR BUST should be my motto this month! :) Let's see if I can get some done! :)

This past week I got a new HP Pocket PC (to try and help me from being so forgetfull...so far the calendar reminders and the alerts have helped out a lot) and newer cell phone it's the PINK Razr, which if you've checked out new phones lately, is super thin!!! I haven't had the chance to sit down and read thru the manuals (which I normally do before I even touch something new), but I've been figuring things out easily enough. :)

We've got our hotels booked for our long trip this summer, over 2400 miles at least. The new van will be so nice, I'm really hoping the DVD player will keep the kids occupied for awhile. I plan on buying some new movies for them. :)

At the PTO meeting, I got the majority of votes for the Secretary postition. I was shocked actually, since this is our first year (You know oldest child in Kindergarten) I don't know a lot of people. None of my friends were there, and I didn't vote, because I wanted to see how the votes would play out. :) So I'm excited about that! :) The currect President asked me to tell a little about myself (I hate when I have to speak and I don't ahead of time to plan what to say...who knows what comes out of my mouth!) :) LOL after I told them a little about me, she prompted me to tell everyone else what all I do there at the school at the time all I could remember that I helped out with the book fair, RIF (Reading is Fundamental), Kid Writing (helping in the Kindergarten class room) and the family fun day. I forgot to mention that I'm the room mom, I help shelve books in the library, I'm the presentor for the Famous Artist program, and help out for the teacher/staff appreciation days.

Catherine is loving soccer! She's made at least 2 goals each game she's played so far. We all went to a baseball game last weekend, that was nice, I had funnel cake for the first time :) the girls enjoyed themselves, they lasted thru the entire game. After the game was over (it was late too) they invited all the kids under 12 to run the bases. Catherine was too cute, and enjoyed that, we didn't think about letting Abby do it, but she would have loved it...maybe next time! Abby is getting so big...all she can do is talk about getting into a ballet class and her birthday. :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm still here, just busy

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to give an update. I've put it off thinking, "I want to update with some pictures" but I haven't had time to go through them and upload a few. So I'll just write today, and hopefully get some pictures uploaded soon.

Today's the last PTO meeting for our school for this year. I was nominated to be the secretary (this was the only position with 2 people nominated) since I'm new to the school I don't think I'll get it (although I was nominated by someone that I don't know real well, so that was neat). The other person nominated is the woman who held the position this year, and she's done a great job as far as I know.

I went to a ladies conference this past weekend with a few friends from church, and from our old church. It's always nice to attend one and come home feeling refreshed.

Catherine has been playing in a soccer leauge, this past Saturday the team got their photos taken. I can't wait to get that back! :) Catherine has done really well, her first game, she scored 2 goals (no other kid did, so she was excited about that, she didn't rub it in either, which made me proud). She scored another 2 goals her last game too, she was so cute, after her first game she said "Mom I was so mean, I took the ball away from other kids" (it was too cute), I laughed and told her that exactly what she's supposed to do in the game! :) LOL

Abby is getting so big, she talks all the time (she has the cutest little voice), she still loves her dollies and plays so well with her toys. She makes friends where ever she goes now (I like that she's not shy like I thought she might be, because she always took a long time warming up to others as a toddler).

We had our last MOPS last Thursday, the girls are sad (especially Catherine since she wont be able to go next year) Abby loved her class and all her friends, it will be a long time before the fall session starts back up.