Monday, June 16, 2008

My Dad passed away today.

My Dad slipped into a comma Monday morning and finally stopped breathing Monday night. I'm a numb, I'm in shock even though I knew this was coming, I didn't know how I would react. I've been very strong, but I know I'll break down.

Sunday night we packed our bags getting ready for this, I did this while in the emotional state of knowing that he didn't have much longer.

Tuesday morning we will be driving down towards Mayfield Kentucky for the funeral and family support.

Love to all,

Beloved Husband and Father
Charles Barry Robert
11/25/1928 - 6/16/2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Am I ready?

Am I ready for my Dad to die? No
Am I ready for the 830 mile drive? No
Am I ready for Bobby to come back home? Yes
Am I ready for our cool air to be repaired? Yes
Am I ready for the payment? No

This is where I am tonight. Visiting Sadtown with a pit stop at SmartEllickville.

So today, I bought the girls a slip and slide which they'll play with tomorrow when it's nice and hot outside. I'm sure it will destroy our yard, hopefully we won't have any injuries though! Catherine went swimming at a friends house, and is spending the night at another friends house. Abby kept me company tonight (she got an ice-cream cone). ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Who said spring should be over 100 degrees?

Why am I complaining? Oh, that's right, our cool air unit isn't working, and 5 service repair companies can't come out until next Thursday/Friday!!!!!!!!!

It's been so hot!!!!

I've got a short reprieve though, as thunderstorms were supposed to come rolling in tonight (they didn't appear, but high winds and showers came...just perfect enough to cool things down). The temperature dropped over 20 degrees! (-: I opened every window and cooled the house out. Tonight I actually ran the dishwasher and now I'm quickly doing some laundry.

Bobby's in Florida for the Tech Expo, he said it's cooler there than it is here. He's having a great time. I've been keeping the girls busy with going places with air conditioning :) They played in the Kid Zone while I worked out at the gym, Abby played in the Tree House while Catherine and I did the grocery shopping (they only had room for one child when we got there, at first C was upset that she couldn't play, but I let her do all the scanning and pressing the buttons on the produce scales so she had a great time). Catherine helped select meals and snacks, she said it was fun.

Today we went to the mall where the girls got a new webkinz. I made dinner while the kids played outside (this was when it finally started to cool off....the kids played kickball with other friends). Later we set up their webkinz rooms. Another good day for the top it off, Abby called Daddy so both girls talked to Bobby before they went to bed tonight.

It's 3 AM, time to put the wash into the dryer...okay as soon as this Will & Grace episode ends. I enjoy watching reruns while Bobby's away....Friends, Will & Grace, Sex & the City, Seinfeld etc...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Long Update

Abby woke up Friday morning and announced that by the end of the day she would be a first grader (heart pains for realizing that my baby is growing up).

I went to the local bakery to pick up some cupcakes to give the girls when they got off the bus on the last day of school. I also picked up a couple extra for their teachers, principal and secretary. When I was carrying the pink box (gotta love that) down the hallway to hand one to Catherine's teacher it felt so empty. All the kids artwork and projects were down from the hallways so that they could take them home. It just looked so empty and sad. Both teachers appreciated the cupcake...I told them that they were sweet teachers and deserved a sweet treat and that I hoped they had a great summer. Shh....don't tell the girls, the teachers picked the pink ones!

I also got Abby a basketball (she's been asking for one) and Catherine a new box of Crayola 64 crayons (only the best... I love coloring with fresh new Crayola's). Both girls also got a big sketch pad (so hopefully they'll quit asking to use up all the printer paper!). They had a great year. They both loved their teachers and they had such good teachers too. I just really love their school! They'll miss it, but they're ready for some unstructured days.


Bobby had his 32nd Birthday - Happy Birthday Hun! He went out with the guys after work, something he rarely does but should do more often. The next morning the girls and I gave him his gifts. Catherine and Abby got him the game "Apples to Apples" a game that we love playing, and he's mentioned more than once that he he was pleased. I got him a stainless steel flask. I had it engraved with "Life's journey is long, you better take snacks!" he loved it. Again, something else he wanted for a long time. :) I like it when we do good! :)

(one kid from the team is missing...he missed the last two weeks...Catherine had two of her really good friends Samantha and Shannon on her team, and two other kids from their school which they new and were friends with)

The spring tennis season is over (Rallyball) for Catherine and her team. They placed in the top, and were really excited that they won third place. So now she has a 2nd and a 3rd place ribbon for tennis. Next year since Abby will be a 1st grader she'll get to play. She'll be playing level 1 and Catherine will move up to level 2. Both girls want Bobby and me to we'll see how that goes when the time comes. :)

I got a sunburn over three days...Sunday slight burn on my arms and neck during the last tennis game. Monday my nose and forehead got a slight burn while we were outside with our last book distribution. Tuesday is burned my shoulders and back of my neck during field day. The last day was the worst....I ended up blistering...tiney tiny little blisters clustered all over the tops of my shoulders. Ouch! Yes, I had sunblock was only 35 SPF and I forgot to reapply during field day...that was my mistake, I know. :O It still hurts none the less.


Catherine is off on her Girl Scout Camporee camping trip for the weekend. It feels really odd here without her. I'm sure she's having a great time, I can't wait to hear all about it when she gets back Sunday afternoon.

Abby pulled out all her gear and was roller skating today...this girl has no fear, and is a natural.

Last week week we took the girls to Build-A-Bear to spend their money. Catherine had a gift certificate from her birthday, and they had extra money from us and their Ky Nana sent them each $10 as a thinking of you gift which was so sweet. This was Catherine's first adoption. She choose a really cute bunny with pink ears, it was a hard choice between "Hunny Bunny" and the elephant (we know how much she loves elephants). She picked out cute jammies, bunny slippers, panties, a cap and a glamorous pink dress with a matching purse. She'll have to save up for the shoes to go with the it is she borrowed against her allowance (not that she really gets allowance, it's more like when she is really good and goes above and beyond around the house or with Abby she gets a cash reward).

The day after she got her bunny she came down and exclaimed "Mom, I'm actually playing with my toys!". "Really?" I said. Then she proceeded to tell me about the "drama" (her favorite word I do believe) that was going on upstairs. Something about her elephant loves Hunny Bunny, but she doesn't like him, she likes Phunt, but Phunt likes Ellie...I don't know I'm sure I have that love triangle all confused. I promise I don't let that child watch soap operas!

Abby went into Build-A-Bear with the intentions of getting her first build-a-bear (white and pink bear that she got last year with her birthday money) some more clothes but picked up the white and blue bear and shouted "I found Raspberry Creams brother!". So in the end Raspberry Cream didn't get any new clothes but she has her long lost brother Blueberry Cream. What a happy reunion we had at home....since he's "nekkid" he's borrowing a bathrobe from his sister. Needless to say Abby's been playing with them nonstop (along with her webkinz).

...Let's see what else have we been up to.....

Last night, Jen and I went and watched the Sex and the City: The was so great! I loved it! I laughed. I cried. It was a good movie. I laughed so hard I couldn't breath at one point! Grab a girlfriend (or several) and go watch it! Jen's preggo right now, so we couldn't get a cosmo before/after the movie..but that would have been fun. Even if you didn't watch the series you can still enjoy the movie. I was so excited to go watch this, I've been watching the reruns for the last month! :)

Oh for sad news....because life isn't always peaches n' cream....prayers are welcome!

:( My Dad is still hanging in there, but he's having a really hard time breathing. He's really struggling and having some really tough days.

:( Teresa is still fighting her battle with cancer. She's on her second round of chemo since it spread to her abdominal wall.

:( Our friends Ben & Jeannie moved to Kansas (Military Family) before he has to go Iraq (please keep them in your prayers). We're going to miss them, they were really great friends. Our girls are missing their kids already, they were best of friends. There was a last minute going away party for them, so we got to say goodbye before they left. During memorial day weekend we all got together, so all the kids could see each other one last time too.


Okay, how's that for catching you back up? :) LOL It's going to be a busy summer, but I'll keep you updated with pictures as we go along! :) Stay in touch! Facebook anyone?