Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Abby!

Happy Birthday my beautiful, darling daughter! You're 5 years old now - I can hardly believe it! You've gotten so big and you're still so sweet, loving, caring and funny! You're always playing, running, getting into things, staying so busy! You don't ever stop - you have so much energy!

It's been our tradition that the girls get an overly sweet donut for their birthday breakfast. We'll, here we are in the DC area and I haven't found a donut shop or grocery store anywhere near our hotel. So, while we were out for our evening walk after we ate dinner we stopped in to several bakeries and none of the had donuts. Our last stop was Starbucks, I knew I wouldn't find a donut there, but we did find Abby's favorite dessert in the entire world - M&M Rainbow cookie - and this one is about as big as her head!!!! So, here she is with her Birthday Breakfast!!!

Right now the girls are lounging in the comfy king-sized bed watching some cartoons. Once we get showered and dressed we'll walk down to the playground, I'll surprise them by letting them get some ice-cream at Maggie Moo's.

We were going to go to the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner tonight, but they're not in Tyson's Corner anymore :( so I found another place that's sure to make the kids happy. It's Bugaboo Creek Steak House- it's a Canadian Rockies themed restaurant complete with talking Mountie, trees, Moose head and other animals. It's supposed to be really kid-friendly so hopefully it's good!

It's funny, on Abby's first birthday we were traveling up to the Adirondack mountains in New York. Her second and third birthdays were low key. Last year she had a big polka-dot birthday with lots and lots of friends over. Here we are on her fifth birthday on vacation in Maryland. She's been excited because it's been a "hotel birthday" were we've had a breakfast buffet every morning, played all day, eaten out every night, then swimming and staying up late.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Wow, have we ever been busy!!!!

We had a fabulous vacation at the ocean (Rehoboth, Delaware). It was a little cold when we went the last week of June. The water was very cool. Bobby and Catherine really enjoyed jumping the waves. Abby and i weren't so thrilled! :) Abby had a blast on the beach. If you know this girl, you know that she finds the sandbox or dirt pile first at any playground! Don't let the pictures deceive you, Abby and I built the majority of the sand castle! Of course when I grabbed the camera, that's when Bobby and Catherine came up from the water to help build it. Then Bobby dug out a hole and buried the girls!

I didn't get my good camera (yet!) so hopefully these pictures give you an idea of our fun...anyways get ready for a lot of "butt shots" LOL :) -thankfully none of mine!

This week, we've been in the DC area. Chilling out and relaxing here in the Marriott - enjoying our time, swimming, walking, eating, etc...
We celebrate Abby's birthday this week too! She turns 5!!!! We were planning on taking her to the Rain Forest Cafe down in Tysons Corner, but they're longer there. So I've been researching alternate fun restaurants. I'll share pictures of her birthday once we have them.
-Enjoy your summer!
Today is Bobby's brother, Troy's Birthday and my parent's 35th Anniversary!