Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tennis - Game On!

Saturday Catherine had her first tennis match (Ralleyball to be exact). :) She had a lot of fun, which is what it's all about at this age. She's all set with a cute little tennis skirt/short outfit, her Ash colored team T-Shirt and pink Barbie Tennis racket (Oh and her pink tennis balls for when we practice before the games).
Did I tell you that I'm one of the coaches for her team? Along with another Dad, which coached last year (that takes a lot of pressure off of me!). It's a lot of fun. Last Tuesday we had our coaches meeting where I learned lots of great tips and got my coaches packet.
There are 8 girls on her team, which keeps them rotating pretty frequently. It was a lot of fun!!! I'm not sure if we won or not, I didn't think to ask! :) LOL I'll ask next week. (How sad is that?!) :) They play 3 sets each game - 1 game each Saturday. At the end of the season, they'll earn ribbons for playing.
Catherine had fun playing, but needs a lot of work! I'm so sad to say that our poor girl has little athletic ability! I know it's terrible to say, but it's true. She rocked at the talent show, and is already reading at a 2nd grade end of the year reading level, she's very creative in telling/writing stories, and she's great at math - so she certainly has her talents. She just struggles a bit when it comes to sports. She's got a great attitude about it so far (which is what is important to Bobby and me both) and since we've practiced more this weekend, she's already improving her skills a bit. So we'll see how far she can go. I certainly hope she does well, so that I can have a tennis partner! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easter pictures

Here are the girls at church...

This year, we didn't have plans to eat with friends so we didn't have a traditional Easter Dinner, instead we went out to Red Lobster! ;) Mmmm, Coconut Shrimp, lobster, etc... LOL It was kind of funny because Catherine loves RL it's her favorite place to eat (trust me, those girls clean their plate too - they eat every bite of their crab legs!), and she just tossed out the idea for us to eat there and to her suprise, we said "Sure, that sounds great!". :)

Easter Sunday was soooo cold this year! The girls had to hunt their eggs in their heavy coats and gloves! Three of us friends & neighbors hid eggs in our yards, and the kids got to hunt with their friends in 3 different yards. it was a lot of fun!

Easter Basket goodies: Both girls got a little bit of candy, books, hula hoop, large pink ball, new spring outfit, new beach towell, and other little goodies. For their big items; Catherine got a new pink tennis racket (she starts playing this Saturday), and Abby got new skates (elbow & knee pads included).

Scrapbooking again

Well, I've dusted off my scrapbooking supplies! :) It started with me creating a pregnancy album for my niece. I still need to scan in the pictures and upload them.

Bobby kept saying how nice it was and I should make some and sell them. Well, I'm doing just that! :) I sold one already to a friend, and two others on ebay. I've been comissioned to create a couple ABC albums from my friend that bought the first one. ;) It's really exciting and fun! I created a new blog just to upload pictures for my scrapbooks.