Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Still on Vacation

I'll upload some pictures when I get the chance.

Angie's retirement ceremony was great. We've now traveled up to Mark & Angie's house for a small visit. I'll add more about that later (I actually blogged about it but it's on our laptop, I'll upload that once we've got a wifi connection...I don't feel like retyping it out.

Wednesday we'll travel to see Tammy & Roy, then on up to KY for our family reunion.

:) We're still alive, surviving the heat and humidity! :)
The girls are having a blast, and don't want to leave. They love visiting with all of their family! (Bobby and I agree too!)

We went shopping yesterday, we were going to go to the zoo, but changed our minds and have just lazed around the house. Bobby and I (along with the help of Amanda and Gunnar) went to Sonic, I haven't been to Sonic in YEARS, and I've been taunted with their commercials for awhile and I've been craving their cherry coke....which I didn't get, because we thought they stopped making them, after we ordered them, we noticed it was supposed to be an add on. argh! That's the way it always is isn't it?!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Vacation Time

Catherine had her last day of school on the 8th. Now it’s time for Summer Vacation! We have a big one planned right away too!

Bobby’s sister Angie is retiring from over 26 years in the Navy. We’re driving down to Mississippi for her retirement party. It’s a long drive, we’ll stop half way in Knoxville, TN and stay at the Marriot to relax and unwind in the pool, and then we’ll go out to eat at Cracker Barrel for dinner.

The next day we’ll get up, eat a nice breakfast then get back in the van and drive the rest of the way to the Navy Base. We’ll be there for a few days for all the festivities and a good visit with all of his family then we’ll drive up and stay with Angie and her family for a couple days in TN.

Next, we’ll drive a little further to my sister Tammy’s house and stay with her and her family for the night and a short visit. Roy, her husband, is really sick with cancer right now (please keep him in your prayers) so we won’t stay long.

Then we’ll drive up to Kentucky and stay at a hotel for a few days. We’ll visit with my Mom & Dad, and other sisters that are coming in for a large McClure family reunion that all of us cousins planned after the death of our grandmother a year and a half ago.

Then we’ll head back home, stopping again, half-way for the night at another Marriot to relax and give the girls a rest from having to sit for so long. Yes, we have a DVD player which we’ll be using, and the game cube that we can hook up for their entertainment, and we’ll bring along toys for them to play with, but it’s still a long ride for them.