Saturday, September 04, 2010

2010 Pictures

May 2009 we put our house on the market and in under a month we sold our townhouse. We found a house that kept the girls in the same school. We gained a nice front & back yard. We still have 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. We gained lots of space with having a family room, garage and basement too. I will share pictures later, but first I wanted to do a photo burst to recap the year.

We flew our parents up to see us in 2010, so we didn't go on vacation per say....but we had a lot to do all year! When Bobby's parents came up, we relaxed around the house and got in a nice visit with each other. When my Mom came up, we went shopping and went out on a few adventures. ;)

Please enjoy these pictures (they are not in perfect order)

Abby learned to ride her bike w/out training wheels..she didn't think she could do it, but learned within 5 minutes! She was so proud of herself when she realized that she was riding her bike and Dad wasn't holding on!
  A little shopping at target after getting hair cuts.

The Summer of BUNCO (we started up a group in Dec '09 and played once a month for the whole year!)

Bobby installed the hammock for me (he ended up replacing that 4x4 pole with a 6x6 though.

 Yes, I still like to bake! Neapolitan cupcakes anyone?

(okay, so Easter pics should have been right after the St. Patrick pictures....oops)

Easter Morning 2010 (after Easter Baskets and before Easter Egg Hunt)
Catherine is 10 and Abby is 8.

Scott, Afton and Adalyn came to see us in July 2010! :)
We went to Gettysburg, PA

We went to Baltimore, MD
We visited the aquarium
 We saw the Dolphin Show:

 We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, Afton and I bought matching hats.7

We went to Washington, DC

and we went to Hershey:

This summer Bobby and I took the girls to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for the first time. It was the Queens Birthday, so it was a special weekend where they had lots of special activities for children. 

The Queen pronounced each girl a Princess of her Court. She called each one by name.

Abby played her first season of Baseball!

In September Bobby and I went to the Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival. We saw lots of our friends there, we bought tons of wine too! :) My friend Heather watched the girls and I think they wore her out!

2010 School Year:

Catherine 5th Grade, Abby 3rd Grade


As annual tradition we went to Jenn & Tony's for their Haunted Trail that they set up every year. The live on a mountain in Dillsburg and they have a whole Scream Team that scares that boogy out of you! :) They get me every year and I love it!

For Trick-or-Treating and for their classroom parties they have their main costumes. Abby was a princess complete with blonde hair. Catherine was a chocolate chip cookie. She named a few of the chocolate chips too. That girl is so crazy! :) Catherine jokes that she will have me make her a costume every other year. :) this was, it was pretty easy to make with just cutting out the fabric, wiring it to a round shape, adding the chips and cutting out the arm/face cut outs.

Puppy Adoption!
We researched and searched for the right puppy and we finally found her. We traveled and picked her up the week before Thanksgiving!


{I will insert pictures once I locate them}
We had a nice Thanksgiving this year. We had our good friends Dave & Penny over with their boys. Alex came home from the Navy & brought his girlfriend too.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning