Thursday, December 31, 2009

I didn't blog much in 2009. I kind of lost interest, it was a tough year for my family. I've taken the time now to  (Oct 2011) to add in some photos.

Feb 2009 ~ I flew into Michigan for a quick weekend visit:

Adalyn, Afton, Heather [me] & Aaron

Rebecca, Amber, Heather

These are hard for me to look at since Teresa was so sick with cancer. But, it's the last picture I have of us 3.
Easter 2009: I drove in with the girls so that they could visit with Teresa & family. Teresa insisted that we colored Easter eggs and let them hunt.
My heart broke into a million pieces in May of 2009 when I had to say goodbye to Teresa. She was not only my sister, but my role model, my hero and one of my best friends. I will always love and miss her.
Here are two of my favorite pictures of her when I went to visit her in August 2007 (shortly after being diagnosed with cancer and right after one of her first surgeries). Teresa had the best smile and the greatest laugh, it just made you want to laugh right along with her. She was a fantastic woman, mother, wife, sister and friend. She was one of the best conversationalist I've ever meet. I think she could have made a monk who took a vow of silence talk! I always enjoyed my visits with her during our sisters weekends. They were spent playing board games, shopping, talking and making great memories.

July 2009:  Later that summer, I was so happy when Scott, Afton and Adalyn came to visit us for the first time: We did so much and had such a great time. Even if I did have a little breakdown when it donned on me that I would never get to have another trip with Teresa. 

Hershey Gardens:

Yes, we think this is how Swine Flu was started:

Adalyn got the biggest kick out of watchint the whistling kisses! :)

August: Girls first day of School Catherine 4th Grade, Abby 2nd Grade:

October 2009| ~ Fall Pictures:

Halloween Pictures:

Trick-or-Treat Night: Abby is a snow princess and Catherine is a punk rocker