Monday, November 10, 2008

Parent Teacher conferences today at school

First off was Abby's 1st grade conference. Abby is struggling with her reading. She gets really frustrated because she wants to learn (at least that's what her teacher says) but it's not connecting well for her. Her writing skills are not that good either, which is connected with reading. Otherwise she's doing good. She follows instructions well, she gets along well with the students and is really good at math.

Next was Catherine's 3rd grade conference. Completely opposite where her teacher said that if all her students were like Catherine then her job would be so easy. Catherine is reading at least a 4th grade reading level. She comprehends what she's reading. She's very creative with her writing, she edits herself well, etc... She's doing good in math, social studies, science, etc... She had all A's & outstanding marks with the exception of 1 B in Social Studies, which Catherine was extremely bummed out about because she wanted all A's.

After that, I meet with the reading specialist for Abby. She says that Abby doesn't have a learning disability but she's not sure what the problem is yet. Abby is getting a lot of attention when it's time to work on reading/writing, she's in the smaller reading groups. They push her really hard and she comes home so tired so I only have about 5 minutes of good reading time with her before she's checked out. When the teacher told me that Abby doesn't cry anymore (frustration levels reach that high apparently) it made me feel so sad for my little girl. I've felt the frustration of her not reading, but I didn't think about how frustrated she is about it too. :(

I'm exhausted after the conferences. :) The PTO prepares lunch and dinner for the staff during the last night I made 2-3 dozen of each cookie variety, White Chocolate Macadamia, Toffee Crunch, Ghiradelli Coconut Pecan Cookies with chocolate drizzled over top. We also have our Book Fair running during this time. I helped set up Sunday night and will help with sales Wednesday night and to pack it all up. I'm still working on the fundraiser, collecting the donations for the Race for Education. Otherwise, I think we're pretty good on PTO stuff this month.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trick or Treat

The girls had a great Halloween. Catherine counted 124 pieces of candy. :) We went with friends as usual and had a great time walking through the neighborhood.

Abby wanted to be a Mommy, so she's sporting a dress, apron, (rain boots, because I wouldn't allow her to use the high heels that she used for her classroom party - it's cold trick or treating in PA, and she didn't want to wear her sneakers. She pushed the baby in the stroller for 2 blocks then we dumped it off at our friend, Jenn's house (her two girls are pictured with my two). She carried the baby for awhile and I carried her trick or treat bag then she'd trade off for the other. So I teased saying that I was a grandmother. I said I should have worn a tiara because it is the one day of the year that I can get away with it! :) Jaime said I could get away with wearing it any day. :)
Catherine wanted to be a crayon after reading Amber Brown is not a crayon. We couldn't find a costume so I made her one. Catherine was cute, she was so proud of me for making it, she told all her teachers that I made it for her. :) While trick or treating she said that she was "Original Pink"...I giggled when I heard that! We were going to write princess pink but the letters I bought didn't allow for that. The hat is even slanted like the crayon tip had been used a little. :) I was so proud of myself too actually for making it, it looked so professional, especially done without a pattern! :)