Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here's the scoop from last week

But first.....today Catherine brings home a paper that tells us that her Betsy Ross Biography has been chosen to be presented in our school districts 6th annual Audio Visual Expo! :) There were 4 kids in her class that had their work selected to be submitted and Catherine's was chosen!!! :) That's just really cool...we live in a very large school district (we have 8 elementary schools in our district) and it will be neat to see her work among all of the others. Work from kindergarten up the the twelfth grade will be on display from each school, there will be over 200 pieces.

Last week was such a busy one!

Two mornings, I had to have the girls and I up and out of the house by 6:30 to go pick up coffee for our Mom's & Muffins (We had Bagels with Dad on the 15th earlier this month).

It was also the national turn off your TV week. Being the PTO president I thought it would be fun for our school to embrace it, and hold a couple fun events to help pass the time. Monday night we had a Game Night for the kids and the school Counselor held a Care & Share for the parents.

Thursday was our "Get Movin' Night" where we set up several fun stations for the kids to get active. The hit of the night was the obstacle course. We set up two identical lanes where friends could race each other. Even the parents would race their kids...too fun! I ran through it about 5 times. ;)

Thursday, the girls went with Bobby to work for the annual "Kids to Work Day". They had a great time. I meet them for lunch at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. The girls got a kick out of seeing the Chef preform while he cooked lunch. I think the chef had an even better time picking on Catherine. :)
This week, I'm catching up on laundry and changing out the seasons...although the last couple days have been chilly! Work in progress though! :) I always hate it...it's such a big job because the 4 of us seem to have a lot of clothes, even though we all complain about not having any! :) I wonder if any of you can relate.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Stuff

So, I never shared pictures about all the spring stuff ...St. Patricks, Easter, Anniversary so here's a link to shutterfly Spring Pictures.

We took the girls to DC today....it rained off and on so it was a little rough. I'll upload pictures later.

But for now...here is some spring flowers (from trees & bushes) on our lane...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Family....give them a hug and tell them you love them!

Last week I knew Thursday was going to be a tough day, and was it ever! I got a phone call from my sister Rebecca at 4 am in the morning that sent me into a frenzy of packing a bag and booking the first flight out of here while trying to remember all the important day to day stuff for Bobby to deal with the girls.

My Dad went into the hospital...and if you knew my Dad, he NEVER and I really mean never goes to the hospital. The Dr. told him he has congestive heart failure, he had fluid on his lungs and everywhere else for that matter (22 lbs worth). He was low on sodium and potassium, possibly had pneumonia as well. They wanted to do a heart catheterization but he wouldn't let them, because he wasn't willing to do any surgery that would be suggested. He went in the hospital Wednesday and was released Friday night with Hospice. We have a cousin that works with Hospice and came out to the house Saturday morning to get all the paperwork and everything started and set up. The same morning, 6 of my moms 7 brothers came out to build them a ramp off of their back porch to make things easier.

(Not a great picture of any of us....as you can see the stress we're all under.) It took a lot of strength for Dad to sit up for pictures...and patience, because we each wanted a picture alone and a group shot (which didn't turn out well...and we retook them 5 minutes before I had to head out to the airport...I'm waiting for someone to email me the pictures...I didn't take my camera with me so it was up to the 3 sisters with cameras!)

He's old, he's tired, he's lived a long good life and is just ready to go. Do you know how hard that is? It's rough. I'm glad I had a whirlwind of a visit down in KY to see my Dad (Mom and sisters too) but it just wasn't long enough. You don't know how hard it was to hug and kiss him goodbye knowing that that will be the last time I see him alive. So, I'm sad.

Here's 4 of my sisters...Sherri (my twin), me Heather, Angelia, Rebecca, and then Tammy.
Teresa isn't pictured here...she was in the hospital at the same time, having her gall bladder removed. She's been really sick, [I hope you don't mind that I say that Cancer really sucks!] - please pray for her.

I had a 3 hr drive to the Nahsville airport, then my flight home with a layover in Charolotte. Bobby and the girls had fresh flowers and my favorite chocolates waiting for me when I got home from the airport Sunday night (so sweet).

I slept all day Monday and most of the day on Tuesday. I tried to get back to normal today, but it's hard. I just feel lost, empty and alone. I just wish I could be cradled and everything bad would just go away.

I called Rebecca today and she was visiting our sister Teresa. I called Sherri, Tammy and Angelia were over at her house. Here I am in PA with no sister to lean on and it just really makes me miss my sisters so much. I have great friends that would hang out with me in a heartbeat if I would just ask them too....but I won't ask, I'll just sit here...missing my family.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Spring!

Spring is officially here....the weather is only half sure about it though! :) I've got lots of pictures to share...St. Patricks Day, Our Anniversary, Easter, etc...

I don't have time to post them now...but just wanted to give out a hello!