Monday, January 28, 2008

Hey Heather........Smile!

^ That is a quote from a you know who you are?! ;)

What a crazy month this has been. I've been away on a trip, I've had my daughter's 8th birthday party, I've been working hard on the reading challenge for our elementary much prep work, and the pep-rally was last Friday, this weekend was a nice family weekend, I've taken down Christmas decorations (yes they were up until last week - that's how busy it's been here in my life!), lots of dinners, laundry, homework, etc...

We also had a big move this weekend.....we cleaned out the front room and moved Abby's bed and toys downstairs. Yes, the girls have been seperated into their own rooms. They are getting along so much better already too! Abby's been keeping it so nice and clean, her toys are all organized, and she's even been making her bed. Our 5 year old is making her bed without me even asking her! Can you tell how proud she is of having her own room?

I've got to help Catherine clean up her room and then I think she'll be excited (right now, she's just jealous - even though it was her choice first for which room). She wants a vanity really badly, so we'll create that for her, oh and we need to get a dresser for Abby. So there's more work to do...but for now, Abby's really excited and I'm excited because the girls are playing so well together! :)

Oh, so we picked up 3 hula hoops for Catherine.....she's working on a routine for the talent show for late February! :) She'll also be doing a routine with her two friends again this year...a High School Musical 2 number.
Just a fun pic of us to share! :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Catherine's 8th Birthday

She did it....she turned 8! I can't believe it's been 8 years since I had this sweet little girl and I finally became a Mommy! :) She has enriched my life with such fun, her enthusiasm for life is just contagious...she's such a happy girl - sweet beyond belief and a true friend to those lucky enough to be around her.

She couldn't make up her mind for her birthday and finally ended up with Chuck E. Cheese (I always swore we'd never have a party here...but at 10 - 11:30am Saturday it wasn't bad) party. All the kids had a great time - she got lots of great gifts and had a fabulous birthday. Friday, her actual birthday, we ate at Red Lobster (one of her favorite restaurants) then went to the mall (I finally got an MP3 player....Pink Zen V Plus) then meet up with our friends to pick up one of Catherine's friends to spend the night...before her birthday party Saturday morning.

Sunday, we went to a gymnastics party for our friends (Ben & Jeannie) daughter Olivia (one of Abby's best friends)...the kids had an absolute blast! Jeannie had face painting done as well....isn't that amazing?!? The kids loved it...complete with glitter and jewels.
Sadly I had to wash it off of them before going to bed...much to the kids dismay!

It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years my Friends!

Happy New Years!!!!!!

We brought in the new year with lots of friends...the kids were all running around playing, watching movies - they even got their own sparkling cider to bring in the New Year!
We all toasted the New Year with Champagne and a kiss!

We danced, sang karaoke, we played games, we watched fireworks over the valley, we heard gunfire (this is PA), the kids popped their New Years Poppers receiving small prizes, there was cheering and laughter with everyone having an absolutely great night. Bringing in the New Year with family and friends is a wonderful thing!
This will be a great year...I hope everyone has a great 2008!